Fatshion February, day 2: Purple roses

If I don’t look very happy in these pictures, it’s because I had just slogged through semi-shoveled sidewalks and snowbanks on the last leg of my commute–after having to take an alternate, and longer, route home, because the T (Boston’s subway system) was having an epic meltdown.

Our infrastructure is just not dealing with the snow, and it’s a huge problem. To be fair, this has been Boston’s snowiest week on record; but then again, the T falls apart when it’s hot out too, and sometimes for no weather-related reason at all. It’s really unnerving, to say the least, when the transit system you depend on keeps falling apart.

I was so not in the mood to pose for pictures, but I wanted to document this lovely dress that I picked up at my recent clothing swap. It’s a 14/16, and it’s a bit snugger than I would prefer, but you can’t really tell from the pictures.

plus size outfit purple rose igigi dress

Dress: Igigi via clothing swap, teggings: Re/Dress, shoes: L.L. Bean, hairclips: Crown & Glory, other jewelry: So Good, cardigan: Avenue – thrifted

plus size outfit gray cardigan and purple floral dress

Igigi’s sizing is weird. I tried on this same dress in an 18/20 when I did a free month of Gwynnie Bee last year, and as far as I can remember, it fit about the same. Maybe it was a little looser, but not significantly.

I have two other Igigi items: a turquoise dress in a size 12 (!), and a red floral top in a 22/24. I got the dress from the Big Thrifty years ago, and I still don’t understand how it fits. I tried the red top in an 18/20 during my GB trial, and I loved it except that it was too tight in the stomach, so I looked on eBay until I found it in a 22/24. The 22/24 fits just right in the stomach, but gaps in the neckline.

plus size outfit igigi floral purple dress

I love these little teardrop clips that came in my most recent Glitterati box. They’re both sparkly and subtle, which you can’t say about many things! I’ve seen people combining the two clips to make a heart shape, which I want to try sometime.

plus size outfit cream and purple floral dress

4 thoughts on “Fatshion February, day 2: Purple roses

  1. That dress is so pretty and really suits your colouring. I got the clips in gold. The purple ones are awesome! I got my Glitterati box today but I’m going to hold off posting about it as I don’t want to give you spoilers. It’s my favourite box so far though.

    • Thanks!

      Normally, I love snow–it’s really beautiful most of the time. But when there’s so much of it that it starts to get in the way of everyday life, it gets so frustrating. I do hope you get to see snow someday, just not the way we’re having it in Boston now!

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