Fatshion February, day 1: Glitter space cat

It’s Fatshion February, woo! Here’s what I wore yesterday to watch the Puppy Bowl with friends (including Maggie of Curvy Broke Fashion, whose outfit post you can see here). Maggie and I are always on the same fashion wavelength without even trying. 🙂

me and friend wearing colorful outfits

Dress and leggings: Domino Dollhouse, belt: ASOS Curve, cardigan: Talbots – thrifted, snow boots: from my mom, headband: Crown & Glory, earrings and necklace: small shops whose names I forget, clutch: Claire’s, bracelet: So Good, lipstick: NYX Macaron in Blue Velvet, sunglasses: Sweet and Lovely, backpack: MadPax via Amazon

plus size outfit galaxy dress in front of diner

I wanted to wear something puppy-themed for the occasion, but I realized I didn’t have anything, so I went with the next closest thing: cat accessories. The clutch/makeup bag is too small to really be useful, but I brought it with me for pictures because it was so freaking cute and because it matched the metallic light pink of my headband. I was also wearing my favorite glitter eyeliner, Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal, but it’s hard to see it in the pictures. I’m wearing it here in Spandex, on top of silver eyeshadow, and I also have it in Midnight Cowboy and ACDC. I don’t wear it that often, but I really should because it’s fabulous.

plus size outfit galaxy dress, blue cardigan, blue lipstick, glitter star headband

This lipstick is so much fun! Like any cheap lipstick, it comes off easily, but it looks great while it’s on. It’s been a while since I’ve really experimented with fun lipstick colors, and I’m enjoying it so much. I love how this lipstick matches my cardigan almost perfectly. The cardigan, by the way is from Savers–where I finally went a few weeks ago thanks to Meshel‘s tip about a 50% off sale. Unlike most thrift stores, it’s organized by size, which makes it much easier to find clothing. And they had a good plus size selection, so I walked away with a bunch of great finds. You’ll see more of them throughout the month.

plus size outfit domino dollhouse galaxy dress and blue lipstick and cat belt

I also bought the Macaron lipstick in Lavender, and the Wicked Lippies in Betrayal and Risqué. The lavender is not really my color–pastel lipstick doesn’t work well on me in general–but I don’t even care, I’m still going to wear it because I love lavender lipstick. The dark green and purple, though, are made for me. Like, I think I was born to wear dark green lipstick. Maybe I’m actually a plant… Speaking of plant people, if you want to read a series of books that involves both plant-based alien creatures and Jews in space (!), check out Starglass and Starbreak by Phoebe North. I really enjoyed both of them, and can’t wait for the third book.

plus size outfit galaxy dress and pink dinosaur backpack

I’m in love with this backpack, but I think it’s the cause of the mystery pilling that’s been happening to all my sweaters/cardigans/blazers in a straight line across the lower back. I don’t want to stop using it, because it’s both awesome and practical–and although it’s smallish, it fits more stuff than a tote bag–but it’s ruining all my sweaters. Have any of you had this problem, and did you find a way to fix it? Ugh, I HATE pilling. If I wear Queen of the Universe, I’d institute a law of physics that banned clothing from fading, pilling, or generally falling apart.

me and a friend wearing matching cute blue and pink outfits

The Puppy Bowl, by the way, was awesome–so many adorable fluffy pups! There were also goat cheerleaders, kitten spectators, and a hamster riding in a little helicopter above the “field.” Oh, and a halftime show by Katty Furry–a.k.a. a rather displeased cat wearing a blue wig and standing around while a Katy Perry song played in the background. It was pretty amazing.

plus size outfit galaxy dress, pink heart sunglasses, and cat belt

I’m excited for Fatshion February–both for having fun with my own outfits, and for seeing what all of you are wearing. I’m also looking forward to showing more of my work and casual outfits on my blog. I don’t dress like this every day, as much as I wish I could.

plus size outfit galaxy dress, blue cardigan, and pink dinosaur spike backpack

plus size outfit galaxy dress, black leggings, glitter star headband, cat belt and purse

5 thoughts on “Fatshion February, day 1: Glitter space cat

  1. Hi! There IS a solution to pilling! They make little pill shavers. You just run them over the pills and they get shaved off. My mom bought one off ebay that apparently was used on the set of Star Trek! I guess those polyester suits pilled pretty badly. Amazon has many different kinds. Just search for “Fabric Shaver.” 🙂

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