I’m Miss World (Alternative Curves: Riot Grrl)

I know Courtney Love never considered herself, or her band, a part of the Riot Grrl movement. But she’s the first person I think of when I think of Riot Grrl. And she, along with Gwen Stefani, was one of my earliest style icons. So I decided to emulate her early-’90s look for this month’s Alternative Curves challenge.

Riot Grrl was a bit before my time, but I got into Hole in middle school alongside my Nirvana obsession. Their music was so raw, so angry, so feminist–so everything I needed. And I fell hard for Love’s kinderwhore look: messy hair, smeared red lipstick, baby barrettes, babydoll dresses, ripped tights, Mary Janes.

collage of me and courtney love holding guitars
Dress: vintage, from a clothing swap, barrette: really old, but I’ve always gotten them at CVS/Walgreen’s/etc., necklace: Claire’s, socks: ASOS, shoes: L.L. Bean, coat: thrifted, guitar: borrowed from Steve

collage of three pictures of courtney love from the 90s

Inspiration forever.

collage of three pictures of me dressed riot grrl

I was inspired to wear my leopard coat partly by Kitty Kaos, who wore a similar coat for her riot grrl outfit, and partly by a picture I thought I remembered of Courtney wearing one (but it turned out it was actually her daughter, Frances Bean, wearing leopard).

collage of three pictures of me dressed riot grrl

Unfortunately, the blog hop closed by the time I finished writing this post–it’s still January here, but it must have been set on Australian time, since most of the Alternative Curves bloggers are Australian. So I can’t add my post, but you can can check out the other awesome ladies’ doing their interpretations of Riot Grrl at the bottom of this post.


4 thoughts on “I’m Miss World (Alternative Curves: Riot Grrl)

  1. I have a (not too) secret love of Hole and Courtney! She is such a character! This outfit is adorable, particularly the coat – i’m so envious you found that thrifting!

    Rock on, babely lady!

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