OOTD: Red and black retro-glam

This is what I wore to my friends Nathan and Jess’ vow renewal two weeks ago. They got married last year in a small ceremony with only family and their best friends, spent a year traveling the world (how awesome is that?), and then had a vow renewal with a reception so we could all celebrate with them.

plus size outfit black and red floral dress with sequined cardigan

Dress: ModCloth, cardigan: Kohl’s, clutch: Boohoo, fascinator: SimplyBe, jewelry: So Good, snow boots: from my mom (I wore them on the way to the venue, and then changed into dance shoes once I got there)

This is my go-to wedding guest dress; I wore it last year for my friends Liz and Ian’s wedding as well. I never got around to posting pictures then, but you can see one picture from that day in my 2014 year in review post. I’ll try to post the rest eventually, along with all the other outfits I never got around to posting!

plus size outfit retro black and red dress

The dress is pretty awesome all around: soft, comfortable, stretchy, twirly, and has pockets. It’s even machine-washable! I was wary of putting it in the wash, because I’ve had similar dresses fade in the wash (this one faded so much it’s more gray than black, sigh). I tried hand-washing it once, which turned out a huge hassle, as it has a ridiculous amount of fabric. So the second time I wore it, I crossed my fingers and I put it in a delicates bag, and it turned out fine.

plus size outfit red and black dress with gold fascinator

Look how much skirt this dress has! It’s so much skirt.

plus size red floral retro dress

The only thing I wish were different is the neckline. It’s got all sorts of weird extra fabric flaps–as if it’s a wrap dress on top of a regular dress–and I think it would look better if it were a bit lower. But I still love it overall.

I love the fascinator too. I bought it to bring my order up to a certain amount so I’d get free shipping, and I’m so glad I did! It makes me feel a bit like British royalty. 😉

plus size outfit sequin jacket and gold fascinator

plus size outfit red and black


me with two friends, all dressed up

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