OOTD: Gray, black, and polka dots

I’ve been really into the tunic-and-leggings look lately. Both because I like how it looks, and because it’s extremely comfortable.

plus size outfit - black and gray tunic, polka dot leggings

Tunic: Reborn Collection via Zulily, leggings and belt: Re/Dress, shoes: L.L. Bean, cardigan: thrifted, jewelry: miscellaneous

plus size outfit black tunic and crystal and pearl necklaces

I’ve had such mixed experiences with Zulily. I’ve gotten some gorgeous, good-quality pieces cheaply, like the dresses in these three posts. I’ve gotten some pieces that I love, but that are crappy quality, like this tunic. And then I’ve also gotten a bunch of pieces that just don’t fit–and Zulily doesn’t allow returns, so I have to either sell them or give them away.

The shipping is also a crapshoot. Sometimes the items ship within a reasonable timeframe, and other times, they take a month or more to arrive. This tunic is one of the pieces that took for-freaking-ever, and I don’t even like it that much–it fits me kind of weirdly, and it just doesn’t look as nice as it did on the website.

I will probably end up selling it, if I ever get around to selling the clothing I don’t want…I’ve done it before, and it’s always such a hassle.

plus size gray and black tunic with leggings

plus size gray and black outfit tunic and polka dot leggings

plus size black tunic and leggings outfit

plus size black and gray tunic and leggings

2 thoughts on “OOTD: Gray, black, and polka dots

    • Yeah, it’s really annoying. I can understand why they’re so inconsistent, since they sell stuff from a bunch of different companies; and also why they don’t take returns, since they’re selling overstock that the companies don’t want back. But it is still frustrating.

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