Sunday links, 1/18/15

ships in the boston harbor on a gray day

-Take Nicolette Mason and GabiFresh’s survey and tell them what changes you’d like to see in plus size fashion.
Dress Profesh is a collection of photos that explore and challenge what “professional” looks like.
Selma costumes reveal class and consciousness of the movement.
15 questions with plus size model and blogger Katana Fatale.
-Seattleites, check out Bombsheller’s upcoming plus size fitting party.
This bride’s pink and white lace dress is everything. Her unicorn fascinator is amazing too! I also love this bride’s long flowing pink tulle dress and flower crown, and her bridesmands’ sequined dresses.
Katie K activewear sends a plus size fitness coach down the runway at Outdoor Retailer 2015.
13 pieces of plus size activewear you’ll actually want to have in your closet.
-Valentino’s pre-fall 2015 galactic prints are gorgeous.

I love this video that shows women of varying sizes working out and enjoying themselves:

Fat Acceptance
On that new study that claims fat people can’t stay healthy for very long.
The Fat Hate Autoblocker is a tool for Twitter users to block fat hating trolls automatically.
-A new plus size burlesque group is starting out in Chicago. Check out this post if you’re interested in getting involved!
Fat femme artist Kelli Jean Drinkwater picks apart your preconceived notions of beauty.
Introducing people to FA and HAES.

Police unions don’t serve the people. Can the labor movement force them to?
-An important reminder for this weekend: Martin Luther King, Jr. was strongly opposed to capitalism.
Activists yarn-bomb LA museum with words “Black Lives Matter.”
Grappling with today’s realities from a black-Jewish perspective.
Selma backlash misses the point.

This travel time lapse video is awesome. You can see an earlier travel time lapse by the same photographer here.

Jobs and the Economy
Can worker cooperatives alleviate income inequality?
As top Democrats embrace a Robin Hood tax, it’s time for activists to go big.
-On getting the question “Do you have a job?” as a performer.
-Hell yeah: President Obama calls for paid sick leave and parental leave for all.
Queer women-owned farm startup gets funded by women angel group, no male capital needed.
400,000 Harry Potter fans–and J.K. Rowling–just won a deal to get child labor out of chocolate.

Everything Else
-Thoughtful and important: 9 points to ponder on the Paris shooting and Charlie Hebdo.
One student’s epic tweets call out the biggest hypocrites marching for free speech in Paris.
-Britni writes about why she’s not cool with the No Pants Subway Ride.
The failure of bystander intervention.
30 street artists that are blowing people’s minds around the world.
29 geometric structures in nature.
Bess Myerson: the only Jewish Miss America, pianist, politician you’ve never heard of.
The failure of bystander intervention as a violence prevention strategy. See also this piece about rethinking bystander intervention.
Living in San Francisco means…(redux for 2015) I’ve never even been to SF, let alone lived there–but I’ve always thought it sounded like my kind of place, and it’s sad to see how many people have been forced out of it.
Nicki Minaj shows the importance of fighting abortion stigma. Tasha Fierce also talks about her experience of having an abortion.
-There is a Hello Kitty-themed organic farm in Hong Kong!
-I love that there’s a company that will ship your enemies glitter.
-The most adorable story of the week: a Seattle dog rides the bus to the dog park by herself.

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