OOTD: Glittergoth, take 2

I think this really is my new favorite aesthetic.

plus size black sparkly goth outfit

Top: Re/Dress, belt: ASOS Curve, leggings and skull necklace: Domino Dollhouse, skull ring: Torrid, all other jewelry old, cardigan: Kohl’s (straight sized, and really old), flower crown: Crown & Glory, shoes: L.L. Bean, backpack: MadPax via Amazon

plus size outfit black tunic, skull leggings, sequin cardigan

This backpack is my favorite thing ever. I’ve been wearing it almost every day since I bought it, and it never fails to get compliments from complete strangers of every age and gender. It’s also the perfect size for everyday use, although too small for traveling.

plus size outfit skull necklace and all black goth

This belt is one of my favorites too. It’s an easy way to give an outfit a little edge.

plus size all black goth outfit with graffiti background

Have I mentioned I love asymmetric hems? Sharkbite, waterfall, you name it–I love them all. (Ok, I have slightly less love for hi-low hems. They’re growing on me, though…)

plus size outfit black tunic and skull leggings

The best thing about winter: I get defined curls when I wash my hair, and relaxed waves when I don’t. I wish I could have winter hair all year round; not winter skin, though.

plus size black goth outfit with rose crown

plus size outfit picture in front of graffiti art wall

plus size goth outfit with pink dinosaur spike backpack

plus size glittergoth outfit

Selfie with my wonderful photographer! 😉

selfie of me and steve

7 thoughts on “OOTD: Glittergoth, take 2

  1. This outfit is superb. That backpack! That necklace! What I’m really lusting over though…your sequined cardigan!!!!!! I have been looking for one I like for decades now. Fabulous.

  2. LOVE! That bag, necklace, cardi and leggings. And you just know I’m going to love that crown! 😉

    I had a back way back when with spikes like that, in black leather look. I used it till it fell to bits!

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