OOTD: Comfy and vaguely grown-up (!) goth

My style has been changing so much lately, and I wonder how much of that comes from reading a million fatshion blogs, and how much is just natural style evolution. I don’t think I would have worn something like this even a year or two ago, but lately I’ve been so into low-key gray and black nu-goth-y clothing.

Two and a half years ago, Domino Dollhouse was selling a few Nakimuli items that had a similar aesthetic to DD’s current Science/Visions collection. At the time, I thought they were kind of boring; now I wish like hell that I could get my hands on that drape-y gray dress.

plus size outfit with black dress, gray leggings, gray floral blazer

Dress and leggings: Domino Dollhouse, blazer: Torrid, shoes: L.L. Bean, belt: Re/Dress, jewelry: all old

(Please ignore the weird thing my hair is doing. I didn’t notice it after I’d finished taking the pictures, and I didn’t want to start all over again.)

plus size black and gray goth outfit

plus size outfit gray photographic print rose blazer and black hair flower

For more details on the leggings, see my review here. The dress is a bit big on me, as it was sold out in my usual size (2x), and I found out that it would not be restocked so I bought it in a 3x. Luckily, with a belt, you can barely tell that it’s too big.

plus size outfit from the side

plus size black dress domino dollhouse

plus suze outfit black with shiny necklaces

plus size domino dollhouse oblivion dress and leggings

One thought on “OOTD: Comfy and vaguely grown-up (!) goth

  1. Funny how style really does continue to evolve. I always swore I’d never be into boring blacks/greys/neutrals, but now I LOVE them! 🙂

    And hair has to be the most annoying part of taking outfit photos. I always notice weird dents or stuff like that in mine later on because I rarely bother to do anything with my hair other than brush it a few times. So frustrating!

    ❤ Kelsea | Kels Shark

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