Sunday links, 1/11/15

grpup of four people walking in a snowy field and crossing a small, frozen stream

Wintry frolicking

-When I read this, I was internally jumping up and down and shouting “YES”: The revolution will not be plus-sized. I’m working on a post of related reflections, which I’ll try to put up within the next few days.
Deb is going out of business, which is a good opportunity to get clothes at rock-bottom prices, but also sad because it’s one of the few options for cheap, trendy plus size clothing. I still remember how excited I was the one time I visited a Deb store in person.
-Leah writes about why she is finished with SimplyBe.
-Gabifresh’s new line of swimsuits looks awesome. Like her last line, it only goes up to a size 24, but she is hoping to expand the size range in the future.
A review of (mostly) black plus size leggings.
The most important fashion trend of this century: Quvenzhane Wallis’ puppy purses.
Legendary women in literature are rewriting the rules of style. This piece links to a great piece by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie about her struggle to be taken seriously within the literary world as a woman who loves fashion.
-New online vintage shop Future is the Future sells clothes with sizes listed in both men’s and women’s sizing.
-Major fatshion inspiration: the incredibly glamorous all-black outfits of Melissa McCarthy, Amber Riley, and Gabourey Sidibe.
Advanced Style interviews the Accidental Icon: “As someone who has been involved in thinking about social welfare and social well-being for my entire career, I have recently become interested in the power of fashion and clothing to challenge oppression alongside it’s [sic] potential power to oppress.”
Target finally listened to Chastity Garner and decided to make a plus size designer collaboration….which will be available online only. *sigh*
-I love Buttercup’s end-of-2014 post, especially this: “Seriously though, where does this come from, this bizarre, misplaced sense of moral outrage at other people’s clothing choices, as if there were a universally recognised right and wrong way to get dressed?”
-If you live in western MA, check out this upcoming clothing swap.

field of black cows in winter

On our adventures, we came across a field of friendly cows.

Fat Acceptance
-Things that make me happy: seeing pictures of fat people in love, like Ali’s engagement photos and this surprise elopement.
-Meagan posts pictures of herself mostly undressed (not safe for work) and says: This is my body.
An important reminder about fatness and illness.
Hey everybody, some guy declared today “Warn a friend they’re fat day!”
-There’s a new Facebook group for non-dieting diabetics.
Yes, fat people are actually human.

Climate and Sustainability
“They’re driven by love. And they’re fierce.” Naomi Klein on the climate heroes who inspire her.
Here’s why the Keystone XL fight isn’t pointless.
The problems in our big cities aren’t caused by restrictions on density and height, but by inequality.
Worse than Keystone: the pipeline project you’ve never heard of.

-This is so important: We’ll need an economic program to make #BlackLivesMatter. Here are three ideas.
One tweet sums up the problem with how we talk about terrorism.
Where is the 24-hour news cycle on the bomb at the Colorado NAACP?
-This kind of activism takes major guts, and I have so much respect for people who do it: Protesters near Boston briefly delay train bound for Patriots game.

plate of pancakes next to plate of eggs, toast, and home fries

Brunch combos are the best.

Everything Else
-Important and relevant to everything I’ve been thinking about lately (especially because recent discussions within online FA spaces have been particularly heated and intense, to say the least): “Everything is problematic”: my journey into the center of a dark political world, and how I escaped.
-I am grateful for everything Arthur Chu writes about (and to) shy, nerdy, anti-feminist guys. In his latest piece, he makes the important point that such men are complaining about things that happen within their own heads, whereas women who talk about misogyny, rape, and harassment are talking about actual things that have happened to them, and therefore should be our first priority.
-Teju Cole is 100% spot-on about whose bodies we mourn, and how we ignore Western society’s history of killing people for their beliefs.
-Related: “It’s so difficult to have conversations with people who can’t realize that while you’re forced to mourn their tragedies, they’ve never had to mourn yours.”
-“The rising anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in Europe are really frightening, and make it so much easier for us to blame each other for the compounding effects of generational trauma. I need us all to do better…”
Muslim groups give $100,000 to help Detroiters without water, say “it’s part of our faith to help.”
Burials in the midst of dawn: on the kidnapped and murdered students of Ayotzinapa.
The corporate media willfully ignores that US actions, not Islam, fuel jihadism.
Activists plastered the Tube with posters telling people their jobs are bullshit.
Fun experiments to do in cold weather. I want to try freezing bubbles!
-I love this tour of artist Adam Wallacavage’s home, full of octopus chandeliers and other kitsch. I’m also madly in love with his Hello Kitty and Kurami chandeliers.
-This is an incredibly impressive My Little Pony collection.

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