One last year in review post: my 10 favorite write-y posts of 2014

the lagoon in the public garden in boston, frozen over

Since I already rounded up my favorite outfits from 2014, here’s a similar list of non-outfit posts, in no particular order. Sometimes my more substantive posts get buried under all the outfits, so it’s nice to go through them and remember what I was thinking about throughout the year.

1.) Another thing I’m sick of: blaming fat women for our lack of clothing options. This one was especially popular, mostly because it was featured on WordPress’ Freshly Pressed (yay!).

2.) Is creativity dead in Boston? Not the one I know.

3.) Fighting fat-phobia matters. For so many reasons other than body image.

4.) We need to talk about how social and economic structures impact health.

5.) We look back, and we look forward (a post about intergenerational fatness that turned into so much more).

6.) No more “deserving” vs. “undeserving”: why we need a guaranteed basic income (and a parallel to intuitive eating).

7.) On “feeling fat” and the multiple truths of fat experience.

8.) In defense of the question, “Where do you get your confidence?”

9.) Romantic rejection, gendered blame, and narratives we need to change.

10.) A narrow bridge: on Israel, Palestine, and fear.


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