Sunday links, 1/4/15

trees in the snow

No, it hasn’t snowed here recently–this is from Thanksgiving weekend. Here’s hoping for more snow soon!

13 times Gabourey Sidibe reified her fashion icon and role model status in 2014.
-Casey reviews Re/Dress teggings and Undersummers slip shorts.
12 plus size bloggers who broke the internet in 2014.
-Eloquii will soon roll out a few items in sizes 26 and 28. This is good news, but I have to wonder: why do women who wear 26+ have to ask to be included, and wait for that inclusion to happen gradually? Why do women who wear 30+ still get left out?
How Delia’s conquered the ’90s.
7 times the visible belly outline made an appearance–and inspired me to celebrate my own curves.
Sustainable style: the joy of Chubby Cartwheels!
Plus size uniforms for kids are causing concern about the “childhood obesity epidemic”–but what does said concern do for the kids’ body image?
Why Rum & Coke uses only plus size models.

Fat Acceptance
Make a New Year’s Revolution.
Murder at the intersection of fat and black.
Why fat matters: why isn’t weight stigma seen as a social justice issue?
Let’s hold doctors accountable: a new form of activism?
I had hyperhidrosis in my hands, feet, and underarms–and it was a total enemy to my body image.
-Awesome: a Chrome extension that replaces occurrences of “lose weight” with “get pizza.”

frozen lake surrounded by snowy trees
-Important history: stop kidding yourself: the police were created to control working class and poor people.
The NYPD’s work stoppage is surreal: in an alternate universe, the New York Police might have just solved the national community-policing controversy.
I’m sorry the Brooklyn cops were murdered. But I can’t mourn them.
9 ways the federal government can help end police brutality.
If the NYPD treats the mayor this badly in public, imagine what they do to black men when no one is looking.
A New Year’s resolution: try to avoid calling the police.
-The media has ignored two of the worst cases of unarmed victims of police killings, Aiyana Stanley-Jones and Tanisha Anderson.
Leaving the cops behind in 2015.

snowy view from a mountaintop
Climate and Sustainability

-Two promising crowdfunding campaigns you can support: RYSE: activating the youth-led climate movement and Rayton Solar: cheaper than fossil fuels.
3 stories that will shape the climate fight in 2015.
How environmental justice fared in 2014–and the outlook for 2015.

Everything Else
-Laurie Penny writes brilliantly on nerd entitlement.
-“It’s not that writers should never work for free — it’s that they should not donate their labor to unfair bosses.”
10 ways human rights and democracy won in 2014 (yeah, you heard that right).
25 women who shook things up in 2014.
11 reasons this garbage year wasn’t a total waste of time.
+972’s story of the year: Gaza.
It’s okay to change your big dreams.
The holidays are over, but please remember to support your local food bank and anti-poverty organizations.
“You didn’t have to kill her”: an open letter to the parents of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn.
39 trans rights organizations worldwide that you can support in memory of Leelah Alcorn. Also check out the Leelah Project, which sends clothes and items that are necessary for gender expression to trans people who can’t afford them.
Five queers of color on what connects us to our complicated or mixed-race identities.
What stalled the gender revolution? Child care that costs more than college tuition.
All survivors, not just students, need civil law options.
-Marianne writes about how to make gorgeous marbled little bowls and deal with imperfection.
This painted castle in Scotland is amazing.
-What’s even better than fun road trip pictures? Fun road trip pictures featuring big fluffy dogs!
-Shades of Monty Python: “These are angry, hardened city rabbits and possibly carnivorous.” (Seriously, though, they are adorable.)


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