OOTD: A very Jewish glittergoth Christmas

Is glittergoth a thing? Well, if it wasn’t already, it is now.

plus size outfit black and goth glitter

Top: Re/Dress, vest: Torrid via the Big Thrifty, tutu: ASOS Curve, sequined cardigan: Kohl’s, necklace and spike bracelet: So Good, earrings: Kerala, studded wristband: PacSun, glitter bow: Crown & Glory, skull ring: Torrid, rose ring: really old

I wore this outfit to celebrate Chinese and Movies Day with my brother and a few friends. I would have gone with Steve to visit his family, but I couldn’t get today off from work, so I stayed in and had a traditional Jewish celebration. 😉

plus size sparkly black outfit with glitter hair bow

I love how the combination of the jacket and the vest gives the illusion of a moto jacket with sequined sleeves. I am also so in love with this fishnet-y top from Re/Dress, which is the perfect base layer for punky outfits.

plus size punky outfit with black fishnet top and punk studded vest

This skirt runs really big; I recommend sizing down at least two sizes. I originally bought it in my usual size (22), which was way too big. So I returned it for the next smallest size–which was still too big–and then didn’t want to bother returning it a second time. When I’m walking around pulling my skirt up constantly, I kind of wish I had, but oh well. I love it anyway. I love that I can wear it to work with a solid-colored top and a floral blazer, or as part of a witchy-goth look.

plus size punk goth all black outfit with glitter bow

My brother and I went out for Chinese for lunch…

me standing next to chinese food sign with santa

…and it was DELICIOUS. Mmm, soup dumplings.

collage with four pictures of chinese food

Afterwards, a few friends came over. We watched Frozen, played Cards Against Humanity, and ordered Chinese (again) for dinner. It was a wonderful small, relaxing party, with plenty of tasty baked goods.

chocolate cupcakes with white frosting and christmas tree-shaped sugar cookies

chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles on heart-shaped plates

My friends Emily and Nikki had the cutest outfits! (And yes, I totally changed into pajama pants and took off my makeup shortly after the party started.)


Close-up of Nikki’s amusing sweater:

close-up of sweatshirt with christmas tree dragging man across snow

It was a wonderful day, and reminded me how grateful I am for the friends, family, and community I have. I know the holidays aren’t an easy time for a lot of people, so if you’re one of them: I hear you. I acknowledge that this time of year isn’t always joyous for any number of reasons, and I respect your experiences. I wish you many snuggles with the furry creature of your choice, or whatever else will make things suck less. ❤


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