OOTD: The Oblivion dress part 2, and the BUST Craftacular

A few weeks ago, BUST magazine held a craft fair here in Boston. I went with a few friends, and wore my Oblivion dress from Domino Dollhouse, because I’m in love with it and can’t stop wearing it–in fact, I am wearing it right now as I write this post.

plus size domino dollhouse outfit gray dress and skull cardigan

Dress, socks, and necklace: Domino Dollhouse (see my earlier post featuring the same dress here), cardigan: Torrid via eBay, shoes: LL Bean

On our way to the craft fair, we came across a bar called The Gallows, which was the perfect background for a picture.

gray and black goth skull outfit plus size

I am obsessed with this necklace, you guys. It has so many skulls. And I got so many compliments on it, too. I love wearing pieces of jewelry that are so stunning that they command the attention of everyone I walk past.

My friend Maggie, who is always fabulously dressed, wore an outfit that matched mine perfectly. I love when my friends and I match without trying!

me and my friend in matching striped and gray outfits in frot of brownstone

And Nikki had the cutest panda earwarmers!

me and friend giving thumbs up

On the way to the craft fair and while walking around a bit afterwards, we met so many adorable dogs. This Bernese Mountain dog, a sweet fluffball named Gus, was my favorite. He was so excited to make new friends. 😀

bernese mountain dog

Maggie looking cute outside the fair! I love that her neon rhinestone necklace brings a pop of color to an otherwise dark, mostly-neutral outfit.

plus size outfit black and white stripes with purple tights

After a bit of walking around, taking pictures, and checking out a thrift store (and hoping the line would die down, although it never did), we meandered into the craft fair. I made a beeline for the first booth I spotted, which turned out to be my favorite of the entire fair: I’m Your Present.

i'm your present booth at bust craftacular


colorful pastel plastic jewelry

A unicorn fannypack!

unicorn fannypack

And even a few festive Christmas-themed items. How cute are those penguin earrings?

christmas themed plastic laser cut jewelry

I ended up buying a bunch of things from this booth, and pretty much nothing else.

Near the ugly sweater photo booth (aka a pile of ugly holiday sweaters on a table near a winter-y backdrop), we ran into my friends and fellow fab fatties Jeannette and Laura. They were both wearing vibrant floral dresses, which I think they said were from ASOS Curve:

two friends wearing colorful floral dresses

Aren’t they adorable? 🙂 I love how well their outfits go together!

couple wearing gorgeous plus size floral dresses

There was also a cat café, which was one of the main reasons I decided to go to the fair–but it was actually pretty underwhelming. We waited in a long line to get in, and then had to move quickly because there were only a few kitties and a million people who wanted to pet them.

black cat sitting on cat bed

They were cute, but I got less kitty-snuggles than I would get from going to the apartments of any of my cat-owning friends. So it was cool for the novelty value, but not really worth it.

Another booth I really liked was Pretty Snake, which sold clothing in all sorts of awesome prints. This puppy-print skirt was my favorite.

me holding up puppy print skirt


close-up of puppy print skirt

All of the items were straight-sized, but the owner mentioned that he could make a custom order in my size.

I appreciate that he does custom orders, and that he is upfront about advertising his willingness to do so. But it still bothers me that this company–like most small clothing companies I’ve seen at craft fairs–thinks of their default consumers as thin people, and of fat people as an afterthought. Why should I have to request a special order, when thin people can just walk up to the booth, try on whatever they like, and have the option of buying something on the spot? This is exactly what Ragen talks about in her post, An Inconvenient Fatty, and it’s something I find so frustrating.

black lab sleeping on dog bed in copley fairmont plaza

Continuing the day’s cute animal theme: after we left the craft fair and my friends went home, I dropped by the Fairmont Copley Plaza to see Carly Copley, one of their two “canine ambassadors.” Yes, there are two adorable black labs who live in a hotel lobby, and you can walk right in and pet them!

Later in the evening, I met up with Steve, my brother, and our friend Shana for dinner in Chinatown. I didn’t get any pictures of our food, but it was delicious. We split a bunch of things including soup dumplings, rice sticks with chicken and veggies, and duck buns. This was the first time I had tried soup dumplings, and I am a bit obsessed with them now. SO DELICIOUS.

Afterwards, we went to the Faneuil Hall Christmas tree lighting, and then rode my favorite carousel.

Overall, it was a bit of an exhausting day–especially since the craft fair was crowded and very sensory overload-y, which really wore me out–but also a fun one. And any day that involves petting multiple big fluffy dogs is great! 😉


7 thoughts on “OOTD: The Oblivion dress part 2, and the BUST Craftacular

  1. OMG – thanks for sharing this! I would have loved this event. I bookmarked “I’m Your Present” and “Pretty Snake.” I love all of the color and kitsch! That pastel rainbow necklace is calling my name!

    I’m also pleased to see you remixing your gray Domino Dollhouse dress. It looks like a completely different dress with the sweater over the top and the skull statement necklace. I love when a dress that makes a statement itself can still work as a versatile neutral.

    ❤ Liz

    • You’re welcome! Great minds think alike–I actually bought the rainbow necklace. 😀 And it is still available on Etsy, so you can get one too.

      I love when statement dresses can work as versatile neutrals too! I don’t have much gray in my wardrobe, so it’s been really fun to play around with this one and see what different looks I can make with it. I’m thinking of combining it with colorful accessories next.

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