OOTD: Vampire queen

I finally got my first free item to review for my blog, huzzah! After more than two years of blogging, it’s about time. Trying to get free stuff isn’t my main focus–and I’m plenty skeptical of the commercialization of fatshion blogging–but it’s still nice to be offered something to review once in a while.

Plus Size Lingerie Boutique offered me a free item, and I decided to go with this goth-tastic vampire costume. You can find all of their vampire costumes here.

plus size red and black goth vampire costume

Costume: c/o Plus Size Lingerie Boutique, boots: Hot Topic (old), necklace: Boohoo, flower crown: Crown & Glory

I ordered the largest size, 3x, hoping it would fit even though my measurements were slightly bigger than the size chart. Unfortunately, it turned out to be way, way too small–I could barely squeeze into it. I’d recommend this costume for someone who usually wears at most a 16/18.

plus size goth vampire dress red and black

I’m disappointed that the costume runs so small–if only the “3x” actually fit true to size, it would be perfect. The material is soft and comfortable, and I love the style. It would be great for a Halloween party, or for just randomly walking around town in full goth-queen regalia (which is totally a thing I would do).

plus size goth queen vampire dress red and black with corset style lacing

It seems that their lingerie runs larger than their costumes–I’ve seen Leah wearing it, and she usually wears a size or two larger than I do. So I would cautiously recommend the site for people who wear a size 20+, and definitely recommend it for smaller fats and in-betweenies.

plus size vampire costume with floral crown

10 thoughts on “OOTD: Vampire queen

    • Thanks! Yeah, it is really too bad. One of my friends suggested getting it altered, but I hate the idea of paying money to get something free altered to fit me. And also I am lazy, so I’m just going to give it away to a friend who’s a bit smaller than me.

  1. Ah it’s a shame because you look bloody amazing in it. Thanks for the mention too! Loving the C&G action – I’m loving the Gliterrati so far! ❤

  2. Yay! This is such a fitting piece for your first sponsored review! I’ve gotten so accustomed to plus size retailers running small that I order a 3X when I should really be in a 1X or 2X. It’s frustrating that that’s become the norm in my experience. If I as a 1X am wearing the 3X, “real” 2X and 3X ladies are being sized out. I would love universal sizing, but I’m afraid that’s just a pipe dream.

    Sponsored reviews is a tricky line to walk. I try to only accept offers for pieces I would wishlist online, try on in-store, or buy myself. This costume feels very Laura and is something I could see you ordering yourself!

    And can I just say that the over-the-shoulder photo is my favorite of you ever? You look so lovely and flirty, and it’s a truly beautiful photo!

    ❤ Liz

    • Yeah, it is really frustrating! I wish there could be universal sizing too, although that would be so hard, because different styles fit differently, and bodies vary so much in shape as well as size.

      I feel the same way about only accepting offers for pieces I would try on or buy. And this piece is definitely “me”! I’ve actually gotten two more offers for free things in the past week or so, and they’re both things I’ve thought about buying, so I am excited.

      Thanks! ❤

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