Holiday gift guide part 3: more black-owned businesses (and musicians) to check out

I keep coming across more awesome stuff from black-owned businesses, so I decided to make another holiday gift guide featuring them. I’ve also included a few music videos so you can find new music to buy for yourself or others. You can also find more resources for finding black-owned businesses at the bottom of this post.

Accessories and makeup
collage - accessories and makeup

Sweethearts Revenge sunglasses, FlyJane, $28
Shoulder spikes, The Thicky Chicky, $15
Blue feather headband, Boutique DeBandeaux, $45
-Lipstick in Kamikaze and Night Owl, The Lip Bar, $20
Turn It Up bling coat, Ginger & Liz, $12
Victorian wrist cuffs, AmyEcho, $18
Purple feather headband, Boutique DeBandeaux, $25

Bath and body products

collage of bath and body prodcuts

Shea soaps, BeeLux, $6 each
Pumpkin pie body butter, Belle Butters, $13
Pomegranate kiwi sugar body polish, Pooka Pure and Simple, $20
Pomegranate body butter, Pooka Pure and Simple, $14.99

Plus size clothing

collage of plus size clothing made by black owned businesses

-Holiday dresses, Rum & Coke (their site is down currently, but it should be up soon–images are from their Facebook page.)
Victorian waistcoat, AmyEcho, $80
“Scarlet” velvet zip dress, Pop Up Plus, $158
Skull skater dress, CandyStrike, $64.50 (also comes in straight sizes)
Babette faux leather top, Pop Up Plus, $25

Paper goods

collage of paper goods by black owned businesses

Manhattan Cupcake set of three stationery cards, Jamilla Okubo, $12
Brooklyn Bridge set of three stationery cards, Jamilla Okubo, $12
Janelle Monae art print, Patrick Campbell, $18.34
Curvy Blondie poster, Nikisgroove, $22.73 (The listing doesn’t mention it, but this is clearly a drawing of Gabi Fresh!)
Reading Hour magnet, Shadrieka, $3
Dogwood fine art print, Shadrieka, $30
Black ballerina poster, Ariel Prints, $20

Music (h/t to Feministing Jamz for most of these)

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