Sunday links, 11/30/14

This video is a must-watch–Jay Smooth is fucking brilliant. You can also read the transcript here.

The Ferguson Masterpost: how to argue eloquently and back yourself up with facts.
-Feministing covered Boston’s protest!
-There’s been some disturbing news coming out that Boston’s police targeted queer and trans activists at the protest.
Ain’t I a human? Ferguson and the neglect of black women, femmes, and girls.
Barack Obama, Ferguson, and evidence of things left unsaid.
-Sarah Kendior’s reporting from St. Louis has been so necessary. Her latest piece, Burning Ferguson, explores how Ferguson police selectively protected the stores owned and frequented by middle-class white people while letting poor black people’s property burn.
Black & Jewish–from Ferguson to New York.
Telling my 10-year old son about Ferguson.
-“When President Obama says he wants us to adhere to the rule of law—he means the lynch law. And when he advises us to practice restraint he means for us to bow down to white rage.”
On Ferguson protests, the destruction of property, and what violence really is (and isn’t).
Why it’s impossible to indict a cop.
-A very succinct explanation of why white people invoking Martin Luther King, Jr. to condemn rioting should stop, right now.
-“To the disabled black folks that can’t be out there in the streets, yall matter.”
Ferguson protesters guard stores from looters.

50 plus size holiday dresses under $150.
-I love all of these gold sparkly pieces from SimplyBe.
Curvily deal alert: Small Business Saturday.
-“We forget how the lack of plus size clothing means people aren’t even able to find adequate coats for the winter.”
The Tiny Hobo’s t-shirts are now available! I especially love the “Chub Club” and “Cupcakes and Curves” ones.
-Betty went to the British Plus Size Awards 2014, which looks like a ton of glamorous fun.
Facebook, the new online plus size thrift store.
This is Black Friday in Bangladesh.

So much gorgeousness:

Fat Acceptance
-SO important: Fat rights are reproductive rights.
A body-positive woman’s reflections, and struggles, with weight gain (wait, am I a hypocrite?).
-Claire writes about how she felt about her body while climbing a glacier in Iceland.
Better media coverage for fat people: a proposal.
-“But while I am incredibly sympathetic to the suffering of people with eating disorders- I will not tolerate being used as a punching bag.”

Climate and Sustainability
-Jonny 5 of the Flobots writes a perfect letter to his senator about Keystone XL.
Yes, we can beat climate change–but it will take massive international government coordination.
Climate change threatens to strip the identity of Glacier National Park.

Everything Else
Food drives are a terrible idea: charities need your money, not your random old food.
Black Friday brawl videos are how the rich shame the poor.
-An important piece about health care discrepancies that affect LGBT people.
This food stand celebrates Palestinian culture. When it received a death threat, students stood up.
-“Asian Americans have been denied our oppression and our resistance.”
A Jewish perspective on reparations.
Zalipie: the most beautiful village in Poland.

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