#IndictBoston and more Ferguson links.

Marching to shut down the I-93 connector.

Marching to shut down the Mass Ave connector.

Last night, I joined over a thousand Bostonians calling for justice for Mike Brown. It was heartening to see so much of my city turn out, and when I got home and went on Twitter, the protest was still going strong. You can see some great pictures from the evening here and here.

One of the most powerful moments was when we marched to the South Bay House of Corrections and chanted to the incarcerated men, “We see you.” They stood at the windows waving, flipping their lights on and off, banging on the windows. One man used small pieces of paper to write “Mike” on his window.

indict boston protest outside of south bay jail

Outside the South Bay jail.

This is what I’ve been reading:

-“If we were talking about the murder of my child, I would not be dignified. I would be naked and hideous with my grief. I would rage. If I were murdered in such a manner, I would want people to rage on my behalf.” – Roxane Gay

-“Humans can only be sucker punched for so long. Humans can only have the life choked out of us for so long. Humans can only be kicked in the stomach while your foot is on our neck for so long.  Humans can only be bullied for so long. One day we stagger to our feet, and you see reflected back to you the results of your own unresolved monstrousness.” – Brittney Cooper

-“Darren Wilson will never be on trial. Black St. Louis always was.” – Sarah Kendzior

"black lives fucking matter" sign at indict boston protest

My sign.

-“The social media organizing done by black communities in this country is a sight to behold and, indeed, one of the wonders of the modern age when you consider the consciousness-raising that it both demands and perpetuates, against a pathologizing narrative from the government and many sectors of the press committed to telling politicized black communities that they are ‘violent’ and ‘dangerous.’ It takes overwhelming strength — strength that should never be asked of any group of people in a just world — to organize a movement, a community, and a counter-narrative in the face of that.” – Katherine Cross

-“Police kill. They get away with it. They kill again. Eventually, you realize that this process is not a bug in the system but a feature.” – Molly Crabapple

-“9.   phoenix who forgets to un-ash
10. going, going, gone
…17. a mother’s joy & clutched breath”
alternate names for black boys, Danez Smith

protestor holding sign that says "this Jewish family thinks all life is equally precious"

Fellow Jews representing.

Ferguson: when social media changes the conversation but not the power structure.

Voices: the Michael Brown protests you didn’t see.

Officer Wilson’s story is unbelievable. Literally.

-“We take streets as a means of participatory performance poetry against an occupying force. It’s a venting. And a reinventing of the streets as something that no longer makes us feel powerless, but something that makes us feel powerful. ” – Patrick

-A collection of pictures of white people rioting over stupid shit.

"yellow peril supports black power" at indict boston

“Yellow Peril Supports Black Power.”

Ferguson protestors find sanctuary in a St. Louis synagogue.

The Ferguson library gives a lesson in community.

How you can show up for Ferguson.

"same story, different time, RIP" sign at indict boston protest

-The Justice for Mike Brown Leadership Coalition is calling for Black Americans to boycott Black Friday in order to exercise their economic power. Rebecca Vipond Brink has a list of organizations to donate to instead of shopping.

-A few others that I recommend: Scarleteen, the Trans Justice Funding Project, the Indigenous Environmental Network, EMA or your local abortion fund, and the Girls Raks Bellydance and Body Image Program.

-The #FergusonNext project is “a solution-based collaboration between the opinion departments of Guardian US and The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Ebony.com, Colorlines, The St. Louis American and The St. Louis Riverfront Times. Beyond the Michael Brown case, how can we work together to find justice?”

One thought on “#IndictBoston and more Ferguson links.

  1. Reblogged this on Garden of Words and commented:
    I’m so proud of my city for the impassioned, nonviolent protest that took place last night in the wake of the Ferguson ruling. If I were the fearless 19-year-old I used to be (and not in the
    midst of moving house), I would have been on the streets with the rest of the crowd. Here’s a report from a friend who was there.

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