OOTD: apple-picking in plaid (but not the lumberjack kind)

Apple-picking is my all-time favorite fall activity. Every fall, I get together with a group of friends to do it at least once. This year, we went twice–first to a new place we’d never tried before, and then to our regular apple orchard.

The new orchard was smaller and overall less exciting than our regular spot–which has a petting zoo, a friendly kitty, hay rides, delicious food, and great people-watching–but it was still a lot of fun. (And yes, this was about two months ago. I meant to get the pictures up earlier, but oh well! As the weather gets colder, it’s nice to look back on the early fall days when I could go out in a sleeveless dress.)

plus size outfit plaid dress holding up tulipop folder

Dress: Domino Dollhouse, belt: ASOS Curve, crown: Crown & Glory, studded wristband: PacSun, tattoo wristband: eBay, cameo necklace and earrings: Lithia’s Creations, other necklace: I Am Joolienn, sneakers: Brooks via Zappos, folder: Tulipop

The folder is from Iceland, where I discovered Tulipop and fell in love. It’s a brand of adorable characters who live in a forest, and it’s ubiquitous among the quirky gift shops of Reykjavik. I bought this folder, a few cards to put on my wall, and a small magnet–and was seriously tempted by the Mr. Tree lamp, but couldn’t bring myself to spend that much money. I happened to be carrying some paperwork in the folder on the day we went apple-picking, so I figured why not include it in a picture?

plus size outfit blue plaid domino dollhouse dress and blue sparkly crown headband

The crown came in my August Glitterati box as a special birthday gift. At first I wasn’t sure what I’d wear it with, since I don’t wear a lot of cobalt blue, but then I realized this dress was the perfect match.

apple picking while wearing blue plaid dress and crown

This dress is so comfortable, and so ’90s, and that makes me happy. I’m also a little obsessed with this belt.

closeup of green cameo necklace nad green gem necklace

plus size blue plaid dress outfit in a pumpkin field

plus size blue plaid outfit with green cameo jewelry

Steve and I matched without even trying. 😉 I’m almost guaranteed to match with him when I wear this dress, since he loves both blue and plaid.

me and steve in matching blue plaid outfits in pumpkin field

Mmm, delicious apple cider donut, fresh out of the fryer. 🙂

apple cider donut

I was amused by this display in the orchard’s shop:

row of jam jars on shelf with sign that says "funky flavors"

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