Halloween OOTD: the Queen of Darkness

plus size goth witchy halloween costume

I’ve been feeling particularly goth-y lately, so I decided to dress up as a witch for Halloween. While looking for my velvet burnout shawl, I found a mesh poncho that worked really well as a veil–which turned the costume into more of a goth bride or a queen of darkness.

halloween 8

Dress: Torrid, skirt: ASOS, shawl: ??, veil/poncho: clothing swap, boots: Hot Topic literally 14 years ago, necklace: Boohoo, flower crown: Crown & Glory, socks: Domino Dollhouse

Dressing up for Halloween reminds me that I feel so much more myself when I’m wearing what most people would consider a costume. I loved walking around in this get-up; the only problem was that the shawl kept slipping off my shoulders, and pulling it back on without messing up the veil was tricky.

halloween 7

On the way to a party that a few friends were holding, we stopped by Trader Joe’s, where I surveyed all of the cheese in my kingdom…

goth queen surveying cheese in trader joe's

…and also the pumpkin pancake mix. Even the darkest of dark souls love pumpkin pancakes.

goth queen in front of pumpkin pancake mix display

Particularly appropriate for the witchy aspects of my costume were these cinnamon brooms, which smelled amazing.


The party was a lot of fun, and involved punny costumes from Amelia Bearheart to a Nanobot (who was wearing a grandmotherly robe, gray hair, and robotic parts). Every costume party I attend, at Halloween or any other time of year, reminds me how creative all of my friends are!

IMG_8110 - Copy

Ms. Frizzle and Jayne were there too…


And I found an adorable Team Rocket member! 😉


How were all of your Halloweens? I’ve seen some great costumes around the fatshion-o-sphere, and will try to put together a roundup of them soon!


11 thoughts on “Halloween OOTD: the Queen of Darkness

  1. Yesssss! Such a great witchy-goth look! I’ve started using that term of yours, by the way. I love all of the layering and decadent textures in this look. And that statement necklace is fabulous!

    I am also a sucker for the TJ cheese counter. Have you tried their new cinnamon rind cheese? So freaking delicious. Perfect for a lazy meal of sliced apple, crackers, and cheese.

    ❤ Liz

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