Sunday links, 11/2/14


-Sally has a trick for switching handbags quickly and easily.
How to shop straight sizes if you’re plus.This is good advice from a blogger who usually wears a 22/24, which is about my size. A few caveats: it won’t work as well for women on the higher end of plus sizes, and sometimes the depressing-ness of being in a straight size store isn’t worth the off-chance of finding an oversized or stretchy item that will fit.
Settler and pioneer “heritage hipster” styles in the age of Idle No More, Chinatown gentrification, etc.
-New Yorkers, check out the Stylish Curves plus size pop-up shop.
-San Franciscans, if you’ve been cleaning out your closets and want to get rid of clothing, check out the clothing drive for GLIDE’s Women Center.
Wanted & Found is a new online resource for plus size clothing.
-“I have a feeling that without Rei Kawakubo’s clothes, it would have taken a much longer time to realize I was queer.” This is a wonderful piece–I just wish this kind of life-changing sartorial experience were available to fat women too.
-Two fashion exhibits that look amazing: Jean Paul Gaultier at the NGV, and “Dance and Fashion” at the the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.
Death Becomes Her: the dark arts of crepe and mourning.

Fat Acceptance
-A new study about sizeist workplace discrimination finds that fat women earn less than thin women because they shunted into lower-paying blue-collar jobs.
Solving the “obesity epidemic” in one simple step.
-Andy Richter demonstrates the best way to respond to a fat joke made publicly about you.
Social barriers to intuitive eating.
Fat people’s worth shouldn’t be the price paid for other people’s healthfulness.
-Also in New York: the One Size Fits All with Sins Invalid film showing.
Doctors’ view on weight and weight loss.
Lies they told me about health.


Jobs and the Economy
Found money: televised auctions and the Great Recession.
The future of work, leisure, and consumption.
Economics as if future generations mattered.
How my employer put the FML in FMLA.

Everything Else
-I have similar conflicted feelings about Amanda Palmer as Jenny Trout does–except that I’ve loved her music since a hallmate introduced me to the Dresden Dolls in 2002. I’ve known for a while that she’s a terrible person despite being an amazing artist, but her defense of Jian Ghomeshi takes the cake.
-If Hillary Clinton or Lena Dunham are your feminist icons, it may be time to reconsider.
-Perhaps a better choice for a feminist icon: Malala Yousafzai, who just donated a $50,000 prize to the reconstruction of Gaza’s schools.
-Kate Harding calls B.S. on Jian Ghomeshi. Anne Theriault’s tweets on the matter are also a must-read.
I’m 41, single, and pregnant: welcome to the new normal.
Magnolia Rouge’s latest lifestyle issue has some gorgeous travel photography, including a feature on Iceland.
-Places I need to go: America’s first cat cafe and this Canadian boutique whose greeter is an adorable golden retriever. Oh, and I really really really want to make it to Hello Kitty Con someday.
New Orleans LGBT youth of color with BreakOUT declare, “We deserve better!”
In defense of the shy: speak up, stand out, or stay home?
On the loss of tiny worlds, and San Francisco.
-Donate or spread the word about We Need Diverse Books!
40 ways to say yes, please to mac n’ cheese.
The vicious attacks of GamerGate are the norm for women on the internet.
The massive feminist protest in Spain that the English-speaking world completely ignored.
-An excerpt from Katha Politt’s new book about how pro-choicers can take back the moral high ground. I can’t wait to read the whole thing.
-“I get that depression tells you that nothing you do will have any effect on your life.  But so much of the culture that has sprung up around depression seems to mirror the lies that depression tells you – an inherently defeatist story that screens out any successes.”



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