OOTD: Adventures in an enchanted forest

On Saturday I went hiking with a few friends through the spectacular mid-October foliage. Since I’ve been so into dark mori and witchy goth looks lately, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to dress up in dark layers. (No, I didn’t stay dressed up for the whole hike–it was unseasonably warm, so I ended up taking off both my skirts and most of my jewelry and just hiking around in shorts. I also brought sneakers to change into.)


Top and cardigan: thrifted, gray skirt: Target, black skirt and belt: ASOS Curve, socks: Domino Dollhouse, shoes: LL Bean, flower crown and bat clips: Crown & Glory, crystal necklace: from my great-grandmother, gray necklace: from a clothing swap, bangles: Torrid and Deb, spike wristband: Hot Topic, studded wristband: Macy’s, skull ring: Torrid, rose ring and earrings: really old

plus size dark mori outfit with black and gray layers


I’m so in love with this black mesh skirt. It is that rarest of species, a versatile tutu (!): non-poofy enough to wear to work with a black top, a floral blazer, and pearls, yet flowy enough to be a cornerstone for romantic goth looks.


And of course it twirls wonderfully.

plus size dark mori witchy outfit with black and gray tutus, black top, and striped socks




It just so happened that one of my friends had brought an apple, so we had some fun…




We also met a million adorable dogs, including this trio of corgis:

three corgis

And this beautiful golden retriever:


And another sweet golden, who gave us kisses!




11 thoughts on “OOTD: Adventures in an enchanted forest

    • Thanks! I usually wear it up because it gets so hot and itchy on my neck (and then once it’s been up all day, it gets all tangled and messy), but I really like how it looks down. If I could find a secret to make it more comfortable, I’d wear it down more often!

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