Sunday links, 10/19/14


Fashion & feminism: Mateo Guadalupe of Leather Coven.
-I love Maria’s reflections on fashion rules and goals.
Why I refuse to straighten my hair.
A series of interviews with alt-fatshion bloggers.
-Courtney’s hot pink mermaid fatkini is everything.
-Style Vanity interviews Luanne of Weesha’s World.
Instead of banning yoga pants, schools should crack down on harassment.
-I wish I could be in Ohio for Re/Dress’ plus size modeling workshop!
7 badass ladies of Buffy and the Halloween costumes they inspire.
-My new favorite indie clothing shop: LovelyMsLevecks.

Fat Acceptance
-Leah has a great rant about the bullshit phrase “promoting obesity.”
Let’s broaden the talk about thin privilege to include the ways it intersects with race and other identities.
“I’m only talking about myself!” isn’t a good excuse for fat-shaming.
It’s time for a ceasefire in the war on “childhood obesity.”
Jenny Trout and Michelle Landriault interview each other about fatkinis, their co-appearance on The Steve Harvey Show, and body positivity.
-Ragen offers tips for dealing with the anger of fatphobia.
Yoga and body diversity: five ways to be inclusive when teaching or practicing.

Climate and Sustainability
Money, death, and danger in North Dakota’s fracking capital.
Why waste coffee grounds when you can use them to grow mushrooms?

eggplant plant with purple flowers and red tree

Jobs and the Economy
-The New Economy Coalition held a week of important conversations about the new economy. I haven’t read all the posts yet, but the ones I’ve read so far have been great.
The adjunct crisis is everyone’s problem.
Bill Gates takes on Thomas Piketty: what’s wrong with the billionaire’s critique.
Economists are blind to the limits of growth.
A writer becomes a carrier for the United States Postal Service out of a long-held love for the mail–and discovers are screams, threats, lies, labor violations, and dog attacks.
On the power of being able to afford things.

Everything Else
“Or you could ask us”: on talking over Muslim women.
Indigenous Peoples’ Day is over. Now what?
Why Sarah Silverman’s wage equality campaign made me feel awful.
“I draw for Gaza”: the defiant art of Haneen Nofal.
-On irrational food fears, and why it makes no sense to avoid eating foods whose ingredients you can’t pronounce.
22 badass QTPOC couples that make our hearts flutter.
-On political and cultural jetlag when returning from Cuba to the US.
-I would love to see the pink houses of Burano someday.
-Gorgeous flower mandalas.

2 thoughts on “Sunday links, 10/19/14

  1. Thank you for linking to my blog post, Laura, I’m so glad you liked it! I ended up browsing your links for a long time, as there were so many awesome topics. Buffy! Curls! Not to mention yoga — I’m attending my first ever yoga class on Thursdag, so your timing was excellent 🙂

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