Craving the darkness

Lately I’ve been drawn to black and gray layers: to the borders between dark mori, lagenlook, and witchy goth. I’ve been drawn to lace, velvet, zippers, asymmetric lines, balloon hems, crinkle fabric, mixed textures. To earth tones, quiet greens and browns. To amethysts and moonstones. To long, flowy skirts and dresses perfect for twirling in forests.

Click each image for details; yes, all the clothes are plus sized. They’re mostly from the expensive European shops that I spend way too much time drooling over, but there’s some ModCloth and Torrid in there too.

'90s purple witch
Green and brown woodland fairy chic

Witchy/dark mori layers in gray and black
Forest-inspired dark mori girl
Red and black punk mori
Glam witch

7 thoughts on “Craving the darkness

  1. This is actually one of my favourite styles. My dream image is a combination of Goth, Steampunk, Hippie and Mori šŸ˜€ I love the colours, the layers, the fabrics, everything to me can blend well together.

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