Wednesday Fa(t)shion Inspirations, 10/15/14

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Fa(t)shion Inspirations, 10/15/14

  1. These were some great pieces, especially the fourth one, but if i may just point out one thing, the last dress (in my opinion) wasn’t the most flattering..
    No offence, though, for these really are spectacular pieces!

    • I appreciate your thoughts, but I don’t particularly care about the concept of flattering (see, for example, this post), and I posted these outfits because I liked them, not to open them up for criticism. In the future, please stick to positive feedback or none at all about any outfit pictures I post, unless they’re my own and I’m specifically asking for critiques. Thank you!

      • I’m so sorry, like i said, it wasn’t my intention to offend you or come off as negative at all. I’m—for lack of a better word–what they call ‘big’ and when i said it wasn’t flattering, i simply meant i wouldn’t feel particularly comfortable in it MYSELF (and no, not because of other people’s opinions about how i look when i wear it)
        I really do love your fashion sense and am greatly thankful for what you do–its a refreshing change from people trying to box everybody into this generic perception of beauty.
        Once again I’m sorry for coming off as negative–i hadn’t meant to, in any way

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