OOTD: a teen tutu-punk fantasy come to life

This outfit is pretty much the epitome of my teenage style dreams. If you’d told 16-year old Laura that she’d grow up to wear a long pink tutu with a pleather jacket and metallic boots, she would have been very happy.

plus size outfit nirvana tee, pink tutu, black leather jacket

Shirt: Newbury Comics, tutu: Zelie for She via Re/Dress, jacket: Torrid via clothing swap, boots: Target, socks: Domino Dollhouse, headband: Crown & Glory, bracelets: Hot Topic, PacSun, and Torrid, earrings: a boutique in Paris, mood necklace: Claire’s, tattoo choker: eBay, purse: Boohoo

plus size outfit nirvana shirt and pink tutu

A few weeks ago, I finally decided to buy a new Nirvana shirt–for the first time in 18 years. I still have the shirt I got when I was 11, but it’s really faded and a bit small, so I figured it was time for a new one. plus size punk outfit pink tutu and black nirvana tee

The skirt was on clearance, and I bought it in a 4x because that was the only size left, even though I usually wear a 2x or 3x. I was expecting it to be big–I thought maybe I’d even have to have it taken in–but it turned out to be a bit tight. I know it’s meant to be worn high-waisted, and I wear it a bit lower, but it’s still a lot smaller than I would expect for a 4x, which is disappointing. (Not because I mind wearing a larger size than usual, but because it means that someone bigger than me wouldn’t be able to wear it at all.)

I don’t know if all of Zelie for She’s sizing is like this, or if it’s just this one skirt, though. I hope it’s the latter.

plus size outfit leather jacket with pink and silver crown and glory star headband

The headband is from Crown & Glory, my main accessory obsession. C&G’s Sophie has started literally the best thing ever, a monthly subscription to a box full of shiny shiny things. It’s called the Glitterati, and if you love sparkly and floral headpieces as much as I do and can afford 20 GBP (about $32) per month, I highly recommend signing up.

There’s also a private Facebook group for Glitterati members where you can share pictures with other members, and where Sophie sometimes shares special previews and discount codes. I’ve finally found a group of people who love glitter as much as I do!

plus size outfit nirvana tee and leather jacket

I wore this outfit to the joint birthday party of three friends. Two of the birthday girls had adorable matching cupcake-print dresses. Huzzah for matching friends!

me wearing nirvana shirt and tutu with two friends wearing matching cupcake print dresses

9 thoughts on “OOTD: a teen tutu-punk fantasy come to life

  1. I love this outfit! I’ve paid for my subscription to the Glitterati but haven’t had so much as an email confirmation. Weird. I shall investigate!

  2. Awesome throwback look! “Tutu-punk fantasy,” for sure! My favorite touch is that crown. It reminds me of Glinda, and I love it. She was one of my fashion icons growing up. Sure, she only donned that one pink dress, but it represented everything I loved about fashion just the same.

    Thanks too for the tips about Zelie for She. I’ve been following her new collections on Instagram, and I’ve loved all of her pink and glittery confections. I’ve been curious about sizing, so your comments here are especially helpful. I didn’t even recognize it as her tutu skirt, so I think it’s great that you styled it so differently and lower on your body than how I’ve seen other women wear it. It shows that it’s versatile. And when a tulle tutu is such an impractical thing to wear as it is, it’s nice to know it can still be versatile!

    ❤ Liz

    • Thanks! I never thought of the crown as Glinda-like, but it totally is. Glinda’s big pink poofy dress was pretty awesome. 😀

      I love all of Zelie for She’s new pink glittery stuff too! And the new dark collection, HOLY SHIT I want it all. Especially the burgundy velvet flare pants and blazer. I’m glad that my comments about the sizing were helpful!

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