Sunday links, 10/4/14

colorful flowers in french market

7 ways to incorporate cute critters into your professional wear.
-Igigi’s new Avant Garden collection is gorgeous–I especially love the Taryn dress in Scarlet Dahlia.
50 floral crown styles and ideas.
The Rumpus reviews the new anthology Women In Clothes. It sounds great, and I really hope it includes fat women among its 642 contributors (although I’ve read multiple reviews and articles about the book and haven’t seen size mentioned anywhere, so I’m not going to get my hopes up too much).
On plus size sewing.
Nicolette Mason’s collection for ModCloth launches on Monday! I’m so excited, especially about that gorgeous pale pink coat.
Lessons my closet taught me.
-I love collages that feature a celebrity wearing every color of the rainbow, and this one with Viola Davis is no exception.
-Kath reviews a retro made-to-order dress from RAUES.
-UGH to Karl Lagerfield’s faux feminism in trademark tweeds.
-Natalie rounds up super-cute ways to incorporate Halloween into your everyday style.

Fat Acceptance
Can your work force you to lose weight or get fitter? This shit is so fucked-up, and it’s an important reminder that sizeism is a civil rights issue, not just an issue of body image.
Dear Bill Maher, stop tying fatphobia to the liberal agenda! XO, Virgie.

This video made by Addition Elle, featuring Nicolette Mason and other plus size bloggers and models with their significant others, is so sweet. I want to acknowledge, though, that it could be hard to watch for people who are single and don’t want to be. On one hand, it shows that fat people deserve love and can have happy relationships; on the other hand, no matter what your size, sometimes it’s just painful to watch other people having what you want. If you love this video as much as I do, awesome; if you can’t watch it, I understand that too.

Climate and Sustainability
-Long-time activist Todd Gitlin says that the climate movement has reached critical mass.
-SO MUCH yes: What’s wrong with the radical critique of of the People’s Climate March.
The largest climate march in history matters more than you think.
No, economic growth and climate stability do not go hand-in-hand.
“No climate justice without gender justice:” women at the forefront of the People’s Climate March.
These front-line communities know what climate justice would mean–and they’re not seeing it at the UN.
-Good news: Chile becomes the first South American country to tax carbon.
Photo essay: scenes from the heart at the #FloodWallStreet sit-in.

Jobs and the Economy
Artists should get paid for their work–especially by Lena Dunham.
It’s not you, it’s them: how to know if your social justice job is toxic (and what to do about it).
Jobs aren’t the answer.
Life in a “degrowth” economy, and why you might actually enjoy it.
Science says take more vacations, and David Roberts agrees. Relevant to what I wrote about here, and still something I’m struggling with in my personal life because the US is terrible about vacation time.
Helaine Olen on the history of the latte factor (aka the myth that if people just avoided buying coffee drinks, they would become rich).
The poor don’t need pity: a review of Linda Tirado’s important new book, Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America. You can read an excerpt from the book here.
Workers in Maine buy out their jobs, set an example for the nation.
10,000 workers strike in support of Hong Kong’s protests.
New report demonstrates how discriminatory laws make it hard for many LGBT people to make ends meet.

Shapely Prose post of the week
Living in fear.

macarons and tarts in paris bakery

Everything Else
Victory for picketers: Israeli ship quits Oakland, its cargo untouched.
-Amazing scenes of resilience: Palestinian youth perform parkour in Gaza war zone.
Separating Gaza’s electricity supply from the political conflict is a step long overdue.
Revitalizing food: Oglala Lakota chef serves pre-colonization menu.
Think before you pink.
It’s a drag, but Facebook’s real name wars aren’t over.
-I’m really upset about the latest restriction on abortion in Texas, which will close all but 7 of the state’s clinics. This piece shows what a burden that will place on many Texans; if you want to help, you can donate to Fund Texas Choice.
-A timely argument that progressives shouldn’t apologize for our support of abortion, which saves lives and is all-around beneficial to society.
Toward a politics of delight and desire: “How do we articulate a politics that recognizes the need to banish the manipulative and extractive organizational structures that make McDonald’s possible, but that also acknowledges, or even celebrates, the unabashed, sensuous joy of a salt-encrusted, golden French fry washed down with a syrupy sweet soda?”

Have you ever wondered how glitter was invented? Now you know!

The problem with promoting home-cooked meals.
15 minutes with bluebellgray textile designer Fi Douglas (plus a studio tour!)
Studio Mucci: the tassel making queen. Amina’s tassels are fabulous, and I love her pastel pink hair.
-Help Hood Feminism, which is a great and important blog, prosper.
Why I changed my Korean name, and why I changed it back.
The American family is a myth: why our national moral panic must stop.
My journey to embrace my undocumented transgender identity.
Mayan women fought Monsanto–and won.
-On being in the sickness closet.
Questions to ask when questioning your gender.
Men can be feminists, but it’s actually really hard work.
Most people with addiction simply grow out of it–why is this widely denied?
No, California’s new affirmative consent law doesn’t expand the carceral state.
Transparent sounds great–I need to start watching it soon.


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