Sunday links, 9/28/14

golden retriever puppy

One of the many cute puppies I’ve seen around town lately. Look at those eyes!

Major retailers, you have no right to complain.
The complications of being a fat girl and still loving fashion.
Why read fashion blogs anymore, when they’re often more like magazines? This is definitely less of an issue for plus size blogs than straight size ones–but it’s still relevant, as a good chunk of the fatshion-o-sphere has become very much professionalized.
-Eloquii interviews Georgette and Jeniese on style.
Appropriation vs. appreciation: an illustrated style guide.
Whatever happened to butterfly clips? 11 reasons why we’ll always love those little plastic pieces of hair perfection.
-Ragen writes about the difficulty of finding plus size workout clothes for her Ironman training.
-Next weekend, there will be a gender and body positive clothing swap in Rhode Island.
-Check out Singapore’s plus size fashion magazine, Big is Gorgeous.
Hey modeling agencies, listen up.
-Emma designed a dress-like garment for men to start a conversation about power, gender, and fashion.

Fat Acceptance
5 inspiring plus size athletes on Instagram.
This is what an athlete looks like.
-Incredibly fucked-up: a woman was denied routine cancer surgery because she’s fat and disabled. This series of posts has more information, including contact information for the hospital–let them know how not-ok their behavior is.
The HAES Files: My mom has a disease.
-I wish I could be in Oakland for this event on challenging weight stigma with creativity and wit.
-Ragen interviews Linda Bacon and Lucy Aphramor about their new book, Body Respect.
-BEDA has a week full of posts on weight stigma.
I’m a fat bride.

Butternut squash, ricotta, and cranberry pizza–perfect for fall

Climate and Sustainability
‘We need hope and fear in equal measure’: an interview with Naomi Klein. I just started reading her new book, and I recommend it highly.
Check out these great photos of the NYC climate march.
9 inspiring posters at the People’s Climate March.
-I love seeing pictures from the PCM not just on environmental sites, but on fashion/lifestyle sites like Refinery29 as well.
One big march, lots of little messages.
Americans of color put whites to shame on climate.
Cargill promises to stop chopping down rainforests. This is huge.
-Another recent victory: why it matters that Statoil just shelved its multi-billion-dollar tar sands project.
-Oh hey, even more good news: the Rockefellers, heirs to an oil fortune, will divest their charity from fossil fuels.

An powerful poem about the importance of confronting climate change:

Jobs and the Economy
All right, you guys, we need to talk about non-profit salaries.
Naomi Klein on cause of climate crisis: “capitalism is stupid.”
Degrowth 2014 sounds amazing–I would love to go next year.
Why am I only asked about my health on the job when the job is sex work?
-“For anyone who came of age after the millennium, war and economic decline are all we have known. Our country stagnates and generations stagnate with it. They tell you it is cyclical. But that cycle is spin, spin, spin.”

glitter hello kitty notebook on bookstore shelf

Hello Kitty + glitter + cupcakes = awesome.

Shapely Prose post of the week
The elephant (so to speak) in the room.

Everything Else
How to be a woman on the internet.
Syrian women say U.S. strikes on extremists backfire. (What a surprise…)
The West has no plan for winning the war against ISIS–only avoiding defeat.
What if you just don’t know if you want kids?
It’s Bisexual Awareness Week! Here are five ways to celebrate.
9 powerful photos that redefine what it means to be queer and Muslim.
On my butchness.
Callouses and cow sheds: how I found my queerness in rural America.
Why we’re winning: social justice warriors and the new culture war.
-I’m adding this garden of poisonous plants to my list of places to see someday.
-I love the idea of using pumpkins as vases!

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