Sunday links, 9/14/14

woman in pink tutu jumping in front of the notre dame cathedral

Life has been a little overwhelming since getting back from Europe. I’ve been catching up on all sorts of things and dealing with getting back to everyday life after my first adult trip abroad, all while adjusting to a new office (my current temp job has been moving me around, and I’m still not sure if/when/where I’ll get moved next). I have so many things I want to write about, and so many pictures to post! But it might take me some time to get to them. In the meantime, here are my traditional jumping-in-front-of-landmark pictures. 🙂

-ModCloth’s co-founder, Susan Koger, asks the fashion industry to change for the better. Many bloggers have added their voices to the #FashionTruth conversation, including Kristina, Virgie, Kate, and Thamarr.
The connecting threads between the global garment trade and sex trade.
-I love everything about Betsey Johnson’s spring show “Pre-Nup” (except, of course, the lack of body diversity and the fact that Betsey Johnson doesn’t make clothes in my size).
Five fabulous ways to wear tulle skirts.
-Sally writes about the evolution of her style and the expectations that readers put on fashion bloggers.
Curves on the red carpet: Danielle Brooks.
-Olivia gives her recommendations for dress-shopping as a plus size bride.
Plus size fashion: 1 step forward, 2 steps back?
-Leah went to Plus North, which sounds like a lot of fun.
31 ridiculously gorgeous people at the Afropunk festival.
-Margot Meanie started #alternativecurves on Instagram, which is full of fab punk-y inspiration.
Catherines’ new Black Label collection includes size 34W/5x.

Fat Acceptance
Processing the federal government’s $3 million lesbian obesity study in six steps.
-Ragen writes about what it’s like doing fat activist work full-time. On a related note, Jes is leaving her job to do body advocacy full-time, and you can support her work by donating on Patreon.
-“Aren’t you afraid of health problems later in life?”
“Good fatty” vs. “Bad Fatty”: an exploration of behavior and the policing of women’s agency.
-“My images are for everyone who has ever been told that they can’t.”

woman jumping in front of eiffel tower

Jobs and the Economy
Labor Day is a scam to keep you poor and miserable forever.
Jobs and skills and zombies.
Pros and cons of “normal” jobs from the radical homemaker.

-This is a really important framework for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: replacing the peace process with a civil rights struggle.
Being Palestinian got me barred from visiting Palestine.
-On the trope of Gaza as a woman by commentators on both sides.
What to do about Gaza.

Suheir Hammad is amazing. You can read the text of the poem here; I also love this one.

Climate and Sustainability
Charges were just dropped against these climate activists in the most stunning way.
Photo essay: indigenous farmers gather in the Andes to plan for climate change.
Queering the climate.

Everything Else
The character assassination of Courtney Love.
18 stunning photos of black women at work during World War II.
The “other” 9/11: when the CIA assisted Pinochet’s military takeover of Chile in 1973.
The American Girl Doll books taught us these five valuable lessons about feminism.
1o counterproductive behaviors of social justice educators.
Neoliberal feminists don’t want women to organize.
-Relevant to this post: Callout culture, tone trolling, and being the perfect ally and Calling out, calling in: why internet activism matters.
Mother-blaming is bad journalism, shaky science.
Coming to terms with my asexuality.

Janelle Monae on Sesame Street is everything.


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