Sunday links, 8/31/14

plexiglass rainbow panels attached to bridge in boston

I love Boston because I come across gorgeous art installations like this one while just walking around.

FYI, there will be no Sunday Links next week, as I will be busy doing some fun and exciting things that I’ll tell you about afterwards. Comment moderation may also be a bit slow for the next week or so.

Afropunk fashions: bodies as resistance.
Troll earrings, you guys. TROLL EARRINGS.
-Liz Black has teamed up with Fame & Partners to make a line of plus size fancy dresses. They’re pricey and only go up to a size 22, but they’re gorgeous.
-Skorch Magazine has a guide to plus size retailers’ Labor Day sales (25% off everything at both Domino Dollhouse and Re/Dress, hell yeah!)
-Meet Jes Baker at ModCloth’s open call for models in New York.
Body parts aren’t problems, and they don’t need solutions.
29 plus size jackets, because autumn is right around the corner.
Headwear inspiration from the Countess of Glamour.
-I love Re/Dress’ new lookbook, Farewell Fairytale Summer.
Girls speak out against sexist school dress codes.
A photographer captures the often-overlooked South Asian “aunty” culture.
Found: 15 new plus size labels to love.

Fat Acceptance
It’s not me, it’s you: the absent dialogue around fat women’s sexuality.
Why skinny shaming is not the same as fat discrimination.
-If you have diabetes, check out the Fat Acceptance Diabetes Support List.
Pretending there are no fat people.

close-up of rainbow plexiglass panels and their reflections on the sidewalk

-The Palestinian ultimatum to end the occupation is a bold move, and I’m crossing my fingers that it will work.
I have never been more conscious of my womanhood: one woman’s experiences with sexualized racism, harassment, and violence in Israel.
-Wallace Shawn, aka Vizzini from The Princess Bride, speaks out on Gaza: “The anger of the Palestinians cannot be ended by killing their children.” (Perhaps he also should have invoked Vizzini’s relevant maxim, “Never get involved in a land war in Asia…”)
-I just finished reading Max Blumenthal’s Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel, and I recommend it highly. It’s meticulously researched, engrossing, and damning–a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the current situation in Israel/Palestine.
On empathy, death, and context: 39 recommended readings about Israel’s latest attack on Gaza.
In occupied Bil’in, there is no P in PTSD.
Protesters block and delay Israeli ships up and down the US West Coast.

St. Louis’ sons, taken too soon.
Lauryn Hill releases a chilling dedication to Michael Brown.
Jon Stewart nails it on Ferguson.
After Ferguson: St. Louis’ decaying black suburbs are about to be forgotten. Again.
I’m from Ferguson and I’m tired and fed-up.
-This set of graphics illustrating the last words said by unarmed black men before police killed them is heartbreaking.
Thank you, black internet, for bringing #Ferguson to me.
America’s new racial low point: more crying black mothers, and tear gas on our dreams.

rainbow reflections on sidewalk

Climate and Sustainability
Five crucial lessons for the left from Naomi Klein’s new book.
The climate movement is way too focused on market-based solutions.
Louisiana is drowning, quickly.

Jobs and the Economy
A room of one’s own: the feminist case for a basic income.
When workplace training programs actually hinder workers.
How Starbucks’ “flexible” scheduling is stretching workers to the breaking point.
The price tag for raising a child in American will blow your mind – but the US still refuses to adopt policies that would lessen the staggering burden.
Labor intensive: in defense of sex work.
Actually, minority workers are everywhere in Silicon Valley–they’re just working low-wage temp jobs.

Everything Else
-A great post of comprehensive dating advice from Captain Awkward.
Don’t be silly, Hello Kitty is a cat.
Having your wedding cupcake and eating it too: radical queer and progressive LGBT politics working together.
-SO MUCH YES to this (which is closely related to what I was talking about in this post): “It’s ok to sit one out.”
10 ways travel changed my life forever.
-I want to go to San Francisco so badly, and these pictures aren’t helping.
We shouldn’t have to dump buckets of ice water over our heads to end ALS.
How the Gates Foundation’s investments are undermining its own good works.
Meet the generation of incredible Native American women fighting to preserve their culture.
In Latin American, cultural tourism can mean survival for women of color.
10 reasons why “That Deaf Guy” web comic is awesome.
-Gorgeous dahlias in blush pink and a rainbow of shades.

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