Sunday links, 8/24/14

black cat sleeping curled up in a ball on the grass

My kitty friend Napoleon, all curled up in a ball of adorable. 🙂

-Marie did a fascinating experiment in which she dressed in different subcultural styles and observed other people’s reactions.
Awesome resources for masculine-of-center beauty.
-I’m so excited that Valerie of the Tiny Hobo is starting a clothing line! You can contribute to her Kickstarter campaign here.
Photo essay: Malaysian Muslim women with and without their hijabs.
Major hat-spiration.

Fat Acceptance
My fat body is not weak.
-Anna takes down a Yoga Journal article that’s supposedly about loving your curves, but is actually about hiding them.
-The Association for Size Diversity and Health will be having a conference in Boston next year.
-Help Pudge PDX make their body-positive plus size pin-up calendar!
If our fat is our fault
-Reflections on being fat and girly.
-If you want to explore food justice and environmental sustainability from a HAES perspective, check out this Facebook group.
The new Scooby Doo movie is full of fat-shaming, sigh.

I am madly, madly in love with this music video, and I’ve had the song stuck in my head all week. If you want to help Gaymous make “the fat queer pervy dance EP of your dreams,” check out their IndieGoGo campaign!

Reparations for Ferguson.
Ferguson solidarity: ways to support the fight. Also, consider attending the “Black Life Matters” Ride in Ferguson next week, signal-boosting if you can’t go, and donating to help make it possible.
-Major badass alert: Hedy Epstein, a Holocaust survivor who was arrested while protesting in solidarity with Ferguson.
What would real economic justice look like in Ferguson?
Why the climate movement must stand with Ferguson.
Ferguson and patience for the appalled.
Dispatches from Ferguson.
Palestinians and Ferguson protesters link arms via social media.

-This is SO important: Palestinians already live what Israelis fear.
Palestinian teen: I was used as a human shield by Israeli soldiers in Gaza.
Open letter to Israel’s supporters: where do you draw the line between “defense” and atrocities?
In Gaza we are not okay.
Border lessons: Jewish resources for resisting nationalism.
-You can help the people of Gaza by donating to Friends of the Palestine Red Crescent Society.

“Happy” in sign language = awesome.

Everything Else
It’s not you, it the the system: design and technology for social good. “Poverty and racism are working as they were designed. You can’t fix them because they’re not broken.”
Fatal hypothesis: how belief in a just world is killing us.
-So much yes to this: What I’m allowed to feel.
Telling it like it is: my time at a travel writing workshop for people of color.
“Proportional representation” has no place in diversity discussions.
-Support Out of the Binders: Symposium on Women Writers Today.

Pretty things, fun, and fluff
-This doggie pool party is the cutest thing ever.
-I want to go to a Pizza Hut run by cats.
-Everything about this colorful house is amazing, especially the rainbow spiral staircase.
37 reasons maple syrup is not just for pancakes.

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