Outfit August, day 16: birthday party extravaganza! (picture-heavy)

Tomorrow is my 29th birthday! 😀 I celebrated over the weekend with my traditional combination of beach-going, dinner, and an evening party. I’m putting the pictures a bit out of order (dinner, beach, then party) because this amazing dress needs to be at the beginning of the post.

plus size silver retro metallic dress

Dress: Dots via a fatshion blogger who was selling some of her clothes, shoes: Clarks, fascinator: birthday present from Steve’s mom :), necklace, large ring, and rhinestone wristband: So Good, silver glitter bangle: clothing swap, rhinestone bracelet: Deb, small ring: ASOS, earrings: Artifaktori (which has since closed)

blue flower and feather fascinator headpiece

rhinestone rainbow and silver jewelry rings and bracelets

plus size rhinestone ring and bracelet

I ran into one of my favorite feline neighbors on the way to dinner! The kitty doesn’t have a nametag, so I call him/her Lion Cat.

selfie with orange lion cat

silver plus size retro dress

We went to one of my favorite restaurants, which has fun kitschy retro decorations.

standing next to a lifesize barbie doll

And delicious food! This waffle with caramelized bananas was amazing. I split it and a chicken pot pie, which was also delicious, with one of my friends.

waffle with caramelized bananas

Don’t look now, but there’s a giant creepy hamburger with a mustache behind you!

giant creepy hamburger statue in back of people eating dinner

My friends and I having fun…

group of friends having fun at dinner

And got photobombed by various waitstaff!

group of friends getting photobomed by waiter at restaurant

Here are the beach pictures (fatkini: Swimsuits for All, crown: Crown and Glory, sunglasses: Sweet and Lovely)

plus size bikini black and pink floral with blue crown at beach

Steve took this silly picture of me and I actually really like how it came out.

A few of my friends brought kites to fly…

friend flying a kite on the beach

And one of my friends went out to get pizza and brought it back to us! The only thing better than going to the beach is eating pizza on the beach.

slice of pizza held up at the beach

rainbow octopus kite

As you can see in some of the pictures, there was weird brown stuff (probably algae) in the water and on the sand. When we first got to the beach, we saw a father and a little girl walk by in the distance, and heard the father shout, “Diarrhea!” We were very puzzled, until we got closer to the water and saw the mysterious brown stuff that did unfortunately look like diarrhea…

Luckily, this strange and disgusting ailment only covered part of the beach, so I went swimming on the other part.  The water was a bit chilly, but it was no match for my powers of not-getting-cold-easily.

After the beach and dinner, it was back to my apartment for partying. One of my friends made funfetti cupcakes! This is me blowing out the candles on my cupcake:

blowing out a birthday cupcake

So tasty!

funfetti cupcakes with vanilla frosting

friends hanging out at party

Me and Steve with the new Pokemon plushies he bought for us!

me and steve with pikachu and chesspin plushes

All in all, it was a great night. People stayed until 2 a.m. playing silly games and generally goofing off, and it was wonderful. I am so grateful to have such awesome friends! 😀

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