Sunday links, 8/17/14

street art graffiti of four pac-man ghosts with captions

Donut-themed jewelry? YES.
-I’ve found a whole bunch of new fatshion blogs to follow through this slideshow from Refinery29 and the Curvy Fashionista’s weekly blogger spotlight.
-Chastity is #boycottingTarget over their continued failure to include plus sizes in their designer collaborations. I’m totally in–I’m still sad that the Prabal Gurung collaboration only went up to a size 16.
-I love Susie Bubble’s pictures from a fashion extravaganza in Paris. Neon goth and toy punk should definitely be my new aesthetics. (Actually, a lot of what I wore in high school could have been described as “toy punk”–I should bring that look back.)
-Ari of Advanced Style rounds up his top ten favorite senior style Instagram accounts.
-I love the four party looks that Nancy put together based on SimplyBe dresses.
-Major fashion inspiration: these 60 colorful wedding dresses and these 1920s-themed wedding details.
-Torontonians, check out this upcoming clothing swap.

Fat Acceptance
How being queer helped me learn to love my fat body.
-Marianne Kirby, aka The Rotund, is blogging again!
Dear Abby’s epic fail.
-A Facebook group for fat men.
Making room for us.

How the war in Gaza could have been avoided. This all makes me so heartsick.
In trepidatious whispers: speaking my solidarity with Palestine.
Giving birth under bombardment.
Against the pinkwashing of Israel: why supporting Palestinians is a queer and feminist issue.
The greenhouse propaganda: how Gazan history is being rewritten to dehumanize Palestinians.
Gaza war: it’s about keeping the Palestinians under control.
Water disaster hits every single person in Gaza. (See also: Water is a human right, but who is considered a human being?)
The “telegenically dead”: why Israel and its supporters fear Gaza’s dead.

Mike Brown/Ferguson/Police Brutality
The facts on Ferguson: here’s what happened and how you can help.
In defense of black rage: Michael Brown, police, and the American dream. (Unfortunately, there’s a mention of “obesity” as a health problem–but aside from that, this piece is 100% spot-on and important.)
-Pictures from #NMOS14 vigils around the country, and the Boston one that I went to.  It was heartening to see such a large, diverse crowd.
When parenting feels like a fool’s errand: on the death of Michael Brown.
Georgia teens develop app to document police abuse.
Why don’t we hear about women victims of state violence?
Why we cannot have reproductive justice without fighting police brutality.
Things to stop being distracted by when a black person gets murdered by police.
Ten things white people can do about Ferguson besides tweet.
America is not for black people.
On Michael Brown, Sketch Factor, and finding a safe way home.

Shapely Prose post of the week
Final thoughts on the dieting matter (this round, anyway).

Jobs and the Economy
Why startup urbanism will fail us.
America’s social safety net is failing workers in the “gig economy.”
Obama just signed the most important workers’ rights reform of the past twenty years.
-“The food movement — led by celebrity chefs, advocacy journalists, students and NGOs — is missing, ironically, the perspective of the people doing the actual work of growing food. Their platform has been largely based on how to provide good, healthy food, while it has ignored the core economic inequities and contradictions embedded in our food system.”
-“To many of us who write online for a living, the Jezebel staff post felt like a watershed moment: the constant harassment of female writers finally being treated as the workplace safety issue it is. ”

Everything Else
-My friend Bethany always manages to make sense of things in a way that I need: “The bad news is usually the big global stuff with breaking headlines and scary intro music. The good news tends to be on the glorious and small human scale. Bones that heal, bread that bakes, hands that are held tight, meteors witnessed and so on.”
On Robin Williams and how we talk about mental illness.
-Captain Awkward gives good advice for reaching out to friends who are struggling with depression.
Suicide and society: where does responsibility for preventing suicide lie?
-Britni writes about why counter-protests outside abortion clinics aren’t a good idea.
50 shades of non-consent: editing BDSM erotica as a queer top.
No, climate change won’t kill the planet. But it will kill plenty of people.
The evidence is in: decriminalizing sex work is critical to public health.
When we talk reproductive justice, we need to talk about surrogate parents.
Chocolate Legos = awesome.
-I could stare at this lavender and purple rose study all day.
Baby moose playing in sprinklers!

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