Outfit August, day 12: pretty pastels

The life of a fatshion blogger is so hard. I just had to go to one of my favorite cupcake places to find the perfect background for this outfit. 😉

sitting at a table in a cupcake place with a cupcake

Dress: White Mark via Zulily, skirt: made from two skirts sewn together (you can see it worn on its own here), necklace: Forever 21, bracelets: Deb, earrings and fascinator: So Good, shoes: Clarks

plus size outfit pink pastel dress with blue flowers

This dress is really short–even on someone as short-legged as I am–hence the skirt underneath.  I really like how they go together, and it felt vaguely superpower-ish to have hidden unicorns under my dress.

closeup of pink and blue floral plus size outfit with pink fascinator

I wore this outfit for a mini-date with Steve to celebrate our three-year anniversary of meeting each other! 😀 Before the cupcakes, we went out for grilled cheese. I had an AMAZING mac n’ cheese and bacon grilled cheese, which is pictured at the end of this post. Seriously, best thing ever.

pink pastel plus size outfit white mark floral dress

The obligatory twirling shot:

twirling in a pink floral plus size dress

close-up of pink feather and floral fascinator

The tasty cappuccino cupcake I had:

cappucino cupcake on plate with pink background

Shark week cupcakes!

shark week cupcakes with fins and blue frosting

And here is the mind-blowingly delicious grilled cheese:

grilled cheese with bacon and macaroni and cheese inside



7 thoughts on “Outfit August, day 12: pretty pastels

  1. Just stopping by to say I love, love, love your outfit (and all the other!) posts. WIth so much stuff in the world being so heavy a mental burden to keep lifting, I always dash over when I see you pop up on my feed – I know you’ll be a treat for the eyes, with your unique, kick-ass style, but also that you’re really insightful and thoughtful and articulate – your posts about the environment and your on the scene talks about the marches you’ve been in – it’s just all great.
    Such a fan of your work – it, and you, make my life better, and I wanted you to know.

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