Sunday links, 8/10/14

boxes of apples, peaches, and yellow plums at the farmers market

Volup2 has a new issue out, and it’s awesome as always. (Not work-safe, as there are a few nude pictures.)
-Style inspiration: the first lady of Cameroon. How amazing is that hot pink suit?
Fashion’s place in feminism: where is it?
-Words to live by: “I want to live loudly and shamelessly in a way that makes me overjoyed every day. I want to be colourful and creative and to not care what anyone else thinks.”
Five French plus size designers you should know.
-Colorlines interviews three fatshionistas of color on fatkinis and fat activism.
101 body-positive bikini babes, including me!
-I love Sock Dreams’ carousel photoshoot, especially the floral + stripes + petticoat look.
Why we love her, why we can’t: Coco Chanel.
Sales, temptation, and the fear of missing out. I can relate to this–and the FOMO is especially bad when you wear plus sizes and have fewer options to begin with.
-I’m not particularly fond of Miley Cyrus, but I love the weird shit she’s putting in her hair.
-Recycled aluminum cans plus washi paper = gorgeous jewelry.
-If you’re in London, check out this fat-positive clothing swap.
-Shawna posts pictures from the Summer Strut 2014.

Fat Acceptance
-Dear children’s book authors: write fat kids.
The problem with Businessweek‘s obese Coca-Cola bottle.
Calorie miscounting: why one slice of cheesecake does not equal 4 1/2 hours of aerobics.
What fat people have to do.

Living the imperative to heal the world: a Jewish woman’s thoughts on Gaza. As a fellow Jewish woman, I agree 1000%.
-A statement in solidarity with Gaza from Palestinian, indigenous, women of color, anti-racist, and Jewish feminists.
-All of these are a must-read: 6 of the most beautiful writings from and for Gaza.
There are no “both sides.” The Israelis and Palestinians aren’t equal.
At least my hospital isn’t being bombed.
A question from Gaza: am I not human enough?
There are no poems of mass destruction.
-Beautiful and hopeful: how a sixth-grader from Sderot draws the war.
Librarians give New York subway riders a taste of Palestinian literature to protest Gaza assault.
How will Gaza’s children carry their scars into adulthood?
While bombs fall on Gaza: resisting militarism in Israel.
Where you can donate to help Gaza.
-Support for genocide against Palestinians isn’t a fringe view within Israel–it’s held by many high-up figures both within and outside of the government. (Note: there is a graphic image of an injured child.)
IDF solder: artillery fire in Gaza is like Russian roulette.
-“For most Gazans, the struggle is not about Islamism or destroying Israel, it’s about ending the blockade—no matter what it takes.”
-I so wish I could be in New York for Singing Against the Bad Times: An Evening of Jewish Radical Arts and History.
Syria and Gaza: a false equivalency.

buckets of multicolored flowers at the farmers market

Climate and Sustainability
This comic strip explains why we could see more disasters like Toledo’s toxic algae bloom.
-This is promising: a company has created a way to extract carbon emissions and turn them into plastic.
Generosity Farm: when young farmers and retirees join forces.

Jobs and the Economy
Who stole the four-hour workday?
Sick of this market-driven world? You should be.
Poverty and disability.

Everything Else
-Kate Harding writes about why she donates to help pay the water bills of Detroit residents, but wishes she didn’t have to because the government should fund everyone’s basic needs.
Fighting white privilege, grieving my white mother.
I’m raising my kids atheist in a God-obsessed culture: how I learned to parent godless children.
Families of two: you don’t need kids to “start a family.”
Food is NOT medicine.
Love in a time of 4-methylcyclohexane methanol.
-Kim Boekbinder interviews Laurie Penny about her new book, feminism, the internet, and Manic Panic hair dye.

Fun, fluff, and pretty things
-Canadians, keep an eye out for this adorable hitchhiking robot!
-Also in Canada, a photographer who travels cross-country with his miniature train.
-There is literally nothing cuter than a golden retriever puppy in a ball pit.
The ultimate road trip through tropical North Queensland.
Superheroes made even more superb with Hello Kitty makeovers.


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