Sunday links, 8/3/14

black eyed susans and pink flowers behind white picket fence

But seriously…if you’re fat, you can still wear whatever you want.
-Help Elizabeth of CandyStrike get her clothing out to a major online retailer!
-Awesome pictures from Summer Strut, a plus-size runway show in Portland.
Land’s End introduces adorable new science t-shirts just for girls.
-How cute is Sprinkles Bake Shop, which sells dessert-themed goodies like a birthday cake headband and macaron coin purses, as well as actual dessert-related supplies?
-Emma is putting dudes in dresses and watching chaos unfold.
We don’t want your summer music festival fashion tips.

Fat Acceptance
So much yes to this: I am not all about that bass: deconstructing the summer’s feel-good, body-positive hit. I wrote about “All About That Bass” a while back, but Jenny’s analysis is much more in-depth, and superbly breaks down the many different types of fail in the video. (And yes, I’m still sad that a video with such a catchy tune and such a gorgeous pastel aesthetic is full of so much race-, gender-, and size-fail.)
-Syruckus writes about why fat acceptance matters to him as a fat man.
-Ragen shares strategies for dealing with fat-phobia in the workplace.
-I love seeing pictures of two awesome fat activists meeting each other.
Making Fat Ends Meet is a new Facebook group for poor and working-class fat people.
-Awesomeness: vandals trash plastic surgeon’s anti-muffin top billboard in Michigan.
What they never consider when they link fatness with health problems.
-Oaklanders, checked out HAES’d and Confused, a series of events examining social justice within the context of the HAES model. There’s also a phone-in option for non-locals to participate.

Dear Nick Kristof, your Palestinian Gandhis are already here.
Rays of hope in Gaza: 13 Israeli and Palestinian groups building peace.
Jews around the world are facing attacks as the crisis escalates in Gaza. This is scary as hell, and it makes me so angry/sad/ARGH that so many people seem to think the answer to hatred and violence is more hatred and violence.
If Israel calls to tell me they will bomb my house, what should I take with me as I run for my life?
Life under fire in Gaza: the diary of a Palestinian.
-There are just no words for how heartbreaking this story is. No words.
The awful decisions I’ve made to protect my Palestinian children from this war.
Gaza myths and facts: what American Jewish leaders won’t tell you.
Threats of sanctions worked against Israel in 1956 – and they can work again.

A group of celebrities, artists, and activists–including Gloria Steinem, Tony Kushner, Alison Bechdel, Desmond Tutu, and Angela Davis–speak out for Palestinian human rights:

Shapely Prose post of the week
Fat acceptance and the acceptance of fat.

Jobs and the Economy
“Imagine a world in which your choices about where and how to work were not determined in the context of white-hot rage or crippling fear over the inability to simply feed yourself. To forget how things should be is to treat the economy as more real than we are.”
Poor parents need work-life balance too.
Dreams of having a baby deferred by the economy.
A guaranteed income for every American would eliminate poverty–and it wouldn’t destroy the economy.
10 reasons for a shorter working week.
What I’ve left unsaid: on balancing career and family as a woman of color.
It takes a village to raise a child–especially for the working poor.

Climate and Sustainability
What is climate change doing to our mental health?
-“I have a million tiny threads that run from each molecule of my body, toward every living thing.  They connect me to what we call ‘nature’ as if it were some faraway place, something we can’t belong to, but always long for, and visit on weekends, or in books.”
At this year’s big climate rally, most of the people won’t be pale, male, or stale.

Everything Else
25 things you don’t need to do before you die.
Please step over here: the perils of traveling as a trans woman.
-Julia Serano explains why she believes we need to empower femininity, and I say HELL YES.
Capitalism, racism, and disableism: a ménage à trois that fucks all of us over.
Why not admit we didn’t wake up like this?
-Amber writes about her experiences with binge eating disorder.
I am Precious: a powerful essay on growth, love, and identity.
On illness, belief, and saying yes.
How one woman is empowering Native American women through self-defense.
These Native American tribes are pioneering marriage equality.
Examining blindness in The Fault in Our Stars.
The New Yorker’s skewed history of trans-exclusionary radical feminism ignores actual trans women.
I worry that I know how the story ends for Ray Rice and Janay Palmer.
Lyme disease is a feminist issue: an interview with Sini Anderson.
The stories of women, children stopped by US-trained Honduran military while fleeing violence.
-“In life, sometimes bad things happen and it just sucks. Sometimes what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, okay, but sometimes what doesn’t kill you leaves you diminished, depressed, binge-watching The West Wing and eating Lucky Charms out of the box. ”
#KnowYourHistory: women of color have been moving beyond “pro-choice” for decades.

What could be cuter and more ridiculous than a 50 Shades of Grey parody featuring golden retrievers?

Fun, fluff, and pretty things
-Beautiful desserts: spring brush embroidery cookies and macarons painted to look like fruit.
Urban jewelry: lace street art by NeSpoon.
60 mind-bending rock formations from around the world.
Pikachus overrun Yokohama in the cutest rodent invasion ever.
Fjord Norway was made for road trips.
Puppies! Rolling down hills!

I know I’m a bit behind on this, but I finally watched Jenny Lewis’ new music video, and I am madly in love her with Lisa Frank-esque suit.

This is fantastic.

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