Outfit August Day 1: All ’90s all the time

I’m taking part in Outfit August, a daily outfit challenge similar to Fatshion February. I didn’t take any outfit pictures yesterday, and probably won’t today–I just got in from bellydancing and yoga, and all I want to do is shower and put on pajamas. But here are my pictures from Friday.

I wore this outfit for the going-away party for my friend Autumn, who is moving to Montreal. She and I have bonded over our shared love of ’90s music and culture, so I decided to go all-out ’90s in her honor. (More ’90s fashion coming tomorrow–I scheduled an outfit post with pictures of what I wore to my ’90s party a few weeks ago.)

plus size 90s outfit domino dollhouse blue plaid dress

Dress and headband: Domino Dollhouse, boots: Target, belt: Re/Dress, earrings and heart necklace: Claire’s, tattoo choker: eBay, studded wristband: PacSun, spike wristband: Hot Topic, bangles: Deb and Torrid, purse: from a store in Providence in 2002 or so

90s plus size domino dollhouse outfit - blue plaid dress, combat boots, my little pony headband

I love, love, love this dress. It’s so comfortable and so ’90s. I’m tempted to add some decorative zippers, but it’s already awesome just as it is…

plus size outfit domino dollhouse blue plaid

Mood necklaces are the best. I had one in high school that I loved and wore all the time, but eventually it broke. I was lucky to find this one, which is almost exactly the same, at Claire’s a few years ago. The color is always prettiest when I’ve just put it on, and it’s shifting between green and purple; once I’ve worn it for a while, it usually turns to a less interesting shade of blue.

heart shaped mood necklace

This headband, to be honest, is not the greatest quality. The headband itself is wrapped with string, which looks weird close-up, and is not as firm as a headband should be. Also, the flowers keep falling off. If I’d paid full price for it, I’d be annoyed, but between a sale and a discount code, it was cheap enough that I don’t really care.

my little pony headband with flowers

It was good timing that I had come across a whole stack of ’90s and early ’00s teen magazines just a few days ago. What a treasure trove of ’90s fashion, music, movies, and makeup! Autumn and I had fun reading through them, and then watching Daria, Clarissa Explains It All, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

stack of 90s teen and moxie girl magazines

6 thoughts on “Outfit August Day 1: All ’90s all the time

  1. I love the combination of the plaid dress, belt, and boots! I would totally recreate this look if I was going for a tougher, edgier look. It’s a great roughed-up version of the flouncy fit-and-flare dress. It has a great 90’s grunge flair, but it’s still uniquely your own with the Hello Kitty bag and My Little Pony headband. So cute!

    ❤ Liz

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