OOTD: Shades of pink and purple

plus size outfit magenta dress and pink floral fascinator

Dress: Avenue via clothing swap, fascinator: Enz’s, necklace and earrings: Forever 21, shoe clips: Head Full of Feathers (which is sadly closing down), wristband: So Good, rings: really old, sandals: Clark’s

plus size outfit magenta dress, rhinestone necklace, and flower fascinator

Clothing swaps are the best. I’ve gotten so many great dresses from them in the past year or so. And this one in particular is so me.ย  I love that it has a bit of ruching and a slightly tulip-y hem–it’s those little details that make such a difference.

Since it’s so hard to find shoes that fit, I try to dress up my plain shoes with clips to make them more fun. Unfortunately, my experience with shoe clips has been that they don’t stay on very well, so I’ll only wear them if I’m not walking around much and there’s a low chance of losing them.

white sandals with glitter bows, pink nail polish

I enjoy wearing this necklace so much. It’s possibly the most me piece of jewelry every created.

pink metal and rhinestone necklace forever 21

These iridescent earrings, too! But sadly, one of them is missing a rhinestone. Disappearing rhinestones are the bane of my existence. (Also, the necklace was not lying flat in this picture, oops! It’s really hard to get jewelry to sit and stay…)

iridescent rhinestone earrings

And of course, I wore my favorite wristband and my old heart ring. I’ve mostly stopped wearing this ring because its adjustable band gets caught on everything, but I love it so much that I just have to wear it sometimes.

white wristband with rhinestones and big heart rhinestone ring

Oh also, here’s a tiny adorable frog I found while taking outfit pictures!

hand holding tiny frog

14 thoughts on “OOTD: Shades of pink and purple

  1. That frog is sooo tiny and cute!

    I love those glitter bow shoe clips! Like you mentioned, I’ve always been too worried about losing shoe clips to get any. If you had a pair of shoes you were bored with, though, maybe it would be worthwhile to just attach something pretty permanently, via glue or sewing. Now I have ideas swirling around my head… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t have enough pairs of shoes right now to permanently decorate them, but if I can find some that are cheaper and fit me, I would definitely like to! I’ve been thinking about getting another pair of these white sandals if they go on sale someday and getting them dyed pink–and gluing flowers onto them would also be awesome.

  2. You adorn yourself to perfection! I love the shoe clips and the gorgeous floral fascinator. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

  3. Hurrah for gorgeous headwear- I love your flowers- so pretty! (I love hat attack for the drool factor as well as the incentive for me to air my hat collection!)
    The earrings are particularly beautiful-shame you lost a rhinestone!x
    Lovely to meet you.x

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