Sunday links, 7/27/14

pink siam tulips flowers

Siam tulips in the conservatory at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA

-A collection of pink plus size items on Etsy.
5 tips on how to deal with your wardrobe after a weight gain.
-I love this shop that sells plus size European clothes, which I found though In My Joi. I’m especially in love with this kaleidoscope print skater dress, this purple and black geometric tunic (it reminds of something the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas would wear), and this floral dress with an embroidered hem.
-Huzzah! Domino Dollhouse is now carrying Tripp, one of my favorite brands.
-Crown & Glory now has a monthly subscription service, the Glitterati.
Ashley Nell Tipton has some gorgeous new items, including an amazing iridescent lavender skirt and crop top.
Geeky plus size clothes? YES.

Fat Acceptance
-A powerful piece about fatness and eating disorders.
-There is going to be a Dances With Fat: The Movie!
On being fat, brown, femme, ugly, and unloveable.
My doctor didn’t fat-shame me, and it was a radical life-changing experience.
Can you do HAES and still want to lose weight?
Own the streets and the treats!
Shapely Prose tent revival: please do not literally torture yourself, ever.

Shapely Prose post of the week
Ask Aunt Fattie: Do I qualify for HAES?

two pink heart-shaped tropical flowers, one dark pink and one light pink

-This piece is brilliant and mind-blowing: Latin@s, Israel and Palestine: understanding anti-Semitism. I love Aurora Levins Morales, and highly recommend all of her writing.
-On a related note, a must-read for anyone involved in social justice work, especially the Palestinian solidarity movement: The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere, a zine about making resistance to anti-Semitism part of all of our movements. It articulates so many things I knew instinctively, but didn’t have the words for, and I am so grateful for it. (Edited 8/5/14 to update the link–the original zine was removed, but I found an archived copy.)
Those boys on the Gaza beach remind me of my brother.
This young man lost three family members in Gaza. Here’s why their stories matter.
As Israel’s attack on Gaza intensifies, it is not anti-Semitic to say: not in my name.
How Jon Stewart made it ok to care about Palestinian suffering.
Israel has alternatives to this war.
FAQ: misperceptions about the conflict in Gaza.

Everything Else
In love with the darkness: finding hope in a cynical, burning world. +100 for quoting Rebecca Solnit, who is one of my all-time favorite thinkers.
Beyonce as Rosie the Riveter is just about the best thing ever.
“I want you to live in my house”: How US kids are welcoming the Central American child refugees.
Feministing Readz: Looking for home in ire’ne lara silva’s flesh to the bone.
What is gender? Trans inclusion and asking good questions.
The doctor was right about me: why we need to stop shutting out those who do not “defy medical odds.”
Where children learn to fear the earth and mothers learn to endure their pain.
How The Fault in Our Stars portrays disabled sexuality as fully human.

This is quite possibly the cutest video I’ve ever seen:

Fun, fluff, and pretty things
-I’ve thought for a while that I don’t want to go back to school, but I would make an exception for the Phillipines Mermaid Swimming Academy!
Nectar and Stone: both eye candy and literal candy.
-I am so excited for Bluebellgray’s new tableware collection.
-There is nothing cuter than little kids with big dogs.
The first official Hello Kitty convention is coming to Los Angeles. I so wish I could go!
A fox takes a nap on an Ottawa city bus. But what did it say?


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