Wednesday Fa(t)shion Inspirations, 7/23/14


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Fa(t)shion Inspirations, 7/23/14

  1. I spy a Johnny Cupcakes hoodie! 🙂

    LOVE that dress on My Foxy Fatshion! Just clicked through and saw that it’s Hell Bunny. Go figure – I love them (the zombie unicorn petal dress is one my faves)!

  2. Who would have thought that a galaxy print with black and white stripes would pair so well together? So awesome!

    I think my favorite has to be the fox outfit, though. It’s adorable with just the right amount of kitsch, and is oh-so darling.

    That photo of Sheri is a great one, too. I’ve seen it pop up a couple of times on IG. Such a great pose, and the flirty yellow dress is perfectly suited to a twirl!

    Thanks, as always, for putting these together!

    ❤ Liz

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