Sunday links, 7/20/14

ship in boston harbor with skyline in background

-I just found out that there will be a Boston Curvy Fashion Week next year. Huzzah!
Refinery29 interviews plus size model Felicity Hayward, and all the pictures are amazing.
-Two Etsy shops I recently discovered that have gorgeous jewelry: A Luscious Thing and Lunabarocca.
-Gaelle of The Curvy and Curly Closet has created Bélya X Vanoue, a plus-size collaboration with a Senegalese designer.
-If you have or know kids, check out these 11 cool kids’ clothing companies.

Fat Acceptance
I’m the whole motherfucking package.
-The schedule for the Fat Activism Conference is up, and it looks awesome!
My body is not an achievement or a work in progress.
-I am really happy that there exists a plus size bellydancers convention.
Parenting through obesity panic.
When they’re concerned about your health.

The conflict in Israel and Palestine
I know I don’t always post about international conflicts–there are so many of them, and researching them all in depth would be a full-time job. By posting these links, I certainly don’t mean to imply that Israel is the only country whose government commits atrocities. But as a Jew who cares about and feels connected to Israel, I feel a responsibility to speak out against its government’s horrific actions.
Palestinian rockets: the conversation no one is having.
-Dispatches from Gaza: a travel writer’s story of love and occupation, a heart-wrenching description of what it feels like to lose your home, a powerful poem, and a series of tweets that show what life is like under Israeli bombing.
Collective punishment or human shields? Israel’s military has no “moral superiority,” time for the media to cover Gaza fairly.
-Background on the conflict: a short, animated introduction to Israel/Palestine 101, and 9 questions about the Israel-Palestine conflict you were too embarrassed to ask. It’s also important to keep in mind some of the larger historical context.
How to criticize Israel without being anti-Semitic.
-A letter to my fellow American Jews, and a statement that American Jewish voices are the most critical in the world (to end the idea that Jewish lives matter more).
How an army of defense became an army of vengeance: “I will never forget the evening my friends and I were sent to kill Palestinian police officers in a revenge attack. We went from soldiers sent to defend our families to murderers of innocent people.”
9 brands you can boycott to hold Israel accountable for its violation of international law. (For some background on why I think this is the best way to make a difference, see this piece.)
Despite crackdown, Palestinians organize for long-term peace.
What “no country in the world” should tolerate.
The abnormal normality of the occupation and its “escalations.”

calm blue ocean

Shapely Prose post of the week
Fat people aren’t lazy gluttons, they’re just nuts.

Climate and Sustainability
When climate change floods your heart: “According to Climate Central at least, global warming is slowly turning all the places I have ever loved into Florida.”
Why the fossil fuel divestment movement is not a farce.
-Everything Sandra Steingraber says is incredibly inspiring, and this speech at an anti-fracking march in DC attended by over 1,000 people is no exception.
Another court victory for EPA–this time on mountaintop removal rules.
-Bill McKibben reviews three recent books on climate change and asks, will we lose the endgame?

Jobs and the Economy
These young people are pioneering Appalachia’s post-coal economy.
What do the recent Supreme Court decisions mean for women’s economic security?
Fired for wearing the wrong color shirt: the scary truth about our lack of workplace protections.
5 reasons to consider a no-strings-attached basic income for all Americans.
The right to parent, even if you are poor.
End “on-call” part-time employment.
Why big business loves desperate workers, and how a strong social safety net can make us all more free.

Everything Else
-SO MUCH YES: I don’t care if you like it: women are tired of being judged by the Esquire metric.
Laverne Cox on her Emmy nomination, music video, and fighting for TWOC.
The 4 things you should know about Detroit’s water crisis.
-Julia Serano (who, along with Rebecca Solnit, is one of my all-time favorite thinkers about activism), reflects on “generation wars” within the queer community and Jack Halberstam’s recent essay about trigger warnings.
The disappearing act: fighting disordered eating as a masculine-of-center woman. This is a fascinating exploration of gender presentation and eating disorders…with the exception of the line, “Instead, when I look in the mirror, I see the possibility of me weighing 300 pounds. And that’s enough. Believe me, that’s enough to do a number on anyone.” *sigh* Actually, no, some people already do weigh 300 pounds or more and are ok with it. Contrary to popular belief, 300 pounds is not the end of the world, and I wish the author would own her own fears rather than projecting them onto others.
This is what happened when I took the MBTA bus to pick up food stamps.
Released Occupy activist Cecily McMillan: “There’s no sense in prison.”
Pay attention to Lucy Flores, a politician who defies the politics of respectability.
Beyond the pros and cons of trigger warnings: collectivizing healing.
The post-label fallacy: labels matter.
Debunking 8 myths about why Central American children are migrating.
We stand together–black and brown–for the young people of Chicago and Central America.
Prefigurative politics and creating radically accessible performance spaces: building the world to come.
Adult sex workers are arrested when we “think of the children.”
What the float?! Pool sharks and other amazing rafts.


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