Sunday links, 7/13/14

cute inflatable skeleton hanging up at an arcade

This is what a feminist fashion and beauty fair looks like. It sounds amazing!
-Karen posts pictures from the Indie Plus Size Fashion Showcase and the Runway Finale at Full Figured Fashion Week. (Also, how awesome is her gold sequin gown in the second post?)
-Jacob writes about their experiences trying to dress for work as a genderqueer person, and how the standard of “professionalism” is often used against queer people, poor people, and people of color.
-Kate Harding writes about why she personally doesn’t wear a fatkini, but is glad that other fat women do.
-Sheri rounds up 15 plus size midi skirts.

Fat Acceptance
Unapologetically fat: Ragen’s great response to the latest piece of fat-shaming crap going around the internet.
-Charlotte responds to the news that NICE (part of the UK Dept of Health) wants thousands of people to have weight-loss surgery.
My body is not a problem.
Obesity cuts life expectancy, Santa is responsible for your Christmas presents, and other misleading statements.
Why Hobby Lobby is a HAES issue.
-Marilyn Wann reflects on her 20 years in fat activism.
-One of my friends from the Boston fat community is moving to Wisconsin, so she started a Facebook group, Wisco Fats, for people who live there.
-Dude, I want an Adipose cake!
-A body-positive, chubby male athlete posing naked in a mainstream sports magazine? HELLS YES. I had never heard of Prince Fielder before because I don’t follow sports, but he is awesome.  It’s also just nice to see nude pictures of a guy in mainstream media, which is so much rarer than nude pictures of women.
-Linda Bacon has a new book coming out this fall, and it looks really good.
-Another book that looks good: Fat Girl In a Strange Land, a sci-fi anthology featuring fat female protagonists.
-Anna Guest-Jelley of Curvy Yoga will be giving a workshop at the Kripalu Center in western Mass. in November! I’m excited that she’ll be in my neck of the woods, and I really hope I can make it.
-Rabbi Minna Bromberg writes about fatness from a Jewish perspective.
-Rue B. Tickles writes about why she dances burlesque.

yellow, purple, and blue flowers

Shapely Prose post of the week
I’m starting a new feature where I will include one old Shapely Prose post in each Sunday Links. I keep digging up old SP posts because they’re relevant to conversations I’m having, and I find that their posts are still so well-written and still so needed. Consider this a refresher if you read and loved SP back in the day like I did, and a new resource if you didn’t! I also highly recommend reading the comments – they’re consistently insightful and supportive.
Guest blogger M. LeBlanc: the fantasy of staying exactly as I am (or, this far and no further, this fat and no fatter)

Climate and Sustainability
-Proof that protesting Keystone XL and other tar sands pipelines is making a difference: the energy company Total has shelved its plan for an $11 billion Alberta tar sands mine.
The eerie beauty of landscapes devastated by industry.
Artist’s intricate laser cut sculptures mimic coral reef patterns.
Photo essay: First Nations take their last march through Canada’s dystopian tar sands.
Meet the gleaners–fighting hunger and climate change at the same time. This is awesome! I’ve written before about the need for this type of business, and I’m so glad to hear it’s happening.

Jobs and the Economy
-This is really fascinating: Why Lana Del Ray is the perfect artist for an America in decline. I’m not familiar with her music beyond one song that I’ve heard on the radio, but now I am curious to watch/listen to it with this analysis in mind.
Academia and the people without jobs:  “The job market in academia isn’t just lukewarm. It’s not ‘Well, it could be better.’ It is…imploding.”
-Good news: worker-owners cheer creation of $1.2 million co-op development fund in NYC.

rainbow crosswalk in boston for gay pride

Everything Else
These craftivists are making a statement–with knitting.
Two couples, one mortgage: why my partner and I decided to buy a house with our friends, share our space and our lives, and all make a family together.
-A powerful piece about the emotional effects of working in an outreach center: The heart you save won’t be your own.
No, I actually don’t have as many hours in the day as Beyoncé.
Transitioning, access, and privilege.
-An Israeli writes about why he opposes Israel’s military campaign against Gaza, even as rockets fall on his city.
Confessions of a complicated Latina feminist.
For all those who “were Indian in a former life.”
-What Las Cafeteras’ “This Land” (which I posted here) says about land and power.
The potato salad Kickstarter, “jokes,” and privilege.
Treating depression is not medicalizing sadness.
Me, Piper Chapman, the psych ward, and the incarcerated 2.2 million.
What it’s like to be in love when you have depression: “Never let anyone tell you that you are not worth being loved if you don’t love yourself. ”
Real-life women incarcerated in the “Orange is the New Black” prison are now inspiring activists.
Tearing down the whorearchy from the inside.
The feminist writer’s dilemma: how to write about the personal, without becoming the story.

Fluff/fun stuff
-If I’m ever in London, I need to go to this restaurant for the decor alone. I love that it’s all-pink without being saccharine.
What did your childhood sticker collection look like? Mine was mostly Lisa Frank, with some holographic stickers and some fuzzy unicorns.

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