More animal-related ridiculousness: fat camp for dogs

golden retriever in park

This cute pup, who I met at a park a month or two ago, approves this message.

As if we needed any more proof that the OMG!besity epidemic is really about profit, I just read that the Morris Animal Inn is offering a luxury weight-loss resort program…for dogs. And it includes everything from “pawlates” to organic granola bars.

Seriously? Seriously?!

Look, I love dogs. I grew up with dogs. My friends can attest to the fact that I’m constantly dashing after potential canine friends.

But dogs aren’t human. Dogs don’t need fancy workout programs or organic food. Most dogs are perfectly happy with the simple life of snuggles, hiking and/or swimming, kibble, and the occasional egg.

And although they aren’t human, dogs come in all shapes and sizes just like people do. I’ve known enough dogs to see that some are naturally thin, and others are naturally chubby, regardless of what they eat or how much they exercise. I have a feeling that trying to change a dog’s weight isn’t much more successful in the long term than trying to change a person’s weight, and that healthy habits are the best predictor of health for dogs as well as people.

But there’s no money to be made in loving your pups as they are, feeding them whatever dog food best agrees with their bodies, and taking them out regularly to the woods or the dog park.

I keep hoping that eventually the rhetoric around “obesity” will get so ridiculous that people will start seeing through it…could this finally be that moment?

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