Sick of fat-phobic culture? Fat-positive bunny to the rescue!

picture of chubby bunny with caption

Even though I’m lucky in that I rarely encounter fat-shaming from people in my everyday life, I still see it in the culture all around me, and sometimes it just gets exhausting.

Here are three things I’ve seen or read lately that pissed me off, and my response: a fat-pos meme I made from a picture of an adorable chubby bunny that I saw at a town fair last fall.I have included the original picture at the end, so you can use it to make your own images and spread the cute-animal love.

1.) This “invitation to dialogue” about “obesity” in the New York Times. Warning: the letter is jam-packed with extreme fat-shaming; read at your own risk.

The Times invited its readers to respond, and said they’ll publish the responses in the Sunday Review. It’s great opportunity for educating people about fat acceptance and Health At Every Size; if I could have mustered the sanity points, I would have written my own response.

But even as I appreciate the opportunity for activism, I hate that we need it at all. I hate that the very existence of bodies like mine is up for referendum in our nation’s best-known newspaper. I hate that we keep being asked to prove that our bodies have the right to exist without shame or stigma. I wish people would just stop making assumptions about people based on how they look, and start understanding that all bodies are good bodies.

2.) This device, which the FDA is likely to approve, which curbs the appetite by sending electric shocks to the stomach.

As my friend Jessica commented when I posted the link on Facebook,”So wait…if you never feel ‘hungry,’ how are you supposed to know when to eat? Oh wait, I forgot, it’s more important to listen to society’s judgment than to listen to YOUR OWN BODY.”

3.) This sign, which I saw at a mini-golf/bumper boats/petting zoo place where I went for a friend’s birthday:

sign with picture of goat saying


This is what inspired me to create the Fat-Positive Bunny. At first I was thinking about digging up a goat picture, but then I remembered this even cuter and more appropriate li’l chubster of a bun, which I saw at a town fair a few years ago.

bunny with caption

bunny with caption

bunny with caption

And here’s the original photo:

chubby bunny resting its head on its neck fat

6 thoughts on “Sick of fat-phobic culture? Fat-positive bunny to the rescue!

  1. Please check out my book Hippos Eat Grass – Busting the Fat Myth on Amazon. As a teacher, school counselor, lecturer and astrologer I will be launching a media campaign in the next months titled ‘Born This Way.’ Like animals, people are born different shapes and sizes and it’s about time society accepted it and got over their extreme fat phobia and the need to shame and degrade people who don’t ‘measure’ up. It’s shocking and it needs to stop! The electric shock therapy should be targeted at those people who come up with these tortuous devices!

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