Sunday links, 6/22/14

colorful mural with painting of a fish in bright pink, blue, and yellow

-My new favorite Tumblr: Fat Babes in Crop Tops.
A fat-booty butch buys a suit on a budget.
-Huzzah! Gisela Ramirez’s shop–home of the infamous “F*ck Flattering” crop top–is finally open again.
-Beck Poppins has put together a guide to dressing like her–that is, with lots of platform shoes, ethereal nightgowns, feminine dresses, and fun accessories.
School dress codes are vehicles for body-shaming, and it’s time to do something about it.
For women’s office wear, who’s making the rules?

Fat Acceptance
I’m fat, and I’ll eat whatever I damn well please.
-A distressing story of a woman who left science due to fat stigma. It always makes me sad to read stuff like this, but I’m glad she’s speaking up.
-Peggy Elam writes about Pearlsong Press, the fat-positive publishing company she founded.
Dr. Oz was censured for pushing diet products. It’s about time!
-Leah writes about why she’s ok with calling herself fat. I agree 100%!
-Can we get even a moment of peace from concern-trolling about our bodies?

Jobs and the Economy
-A recap of CommonBound, a new economy conference that took place here in Boston. It sounds amazing, and I wish I could have been there–I definitely want to go next year.
How to write a new organizing playbook.
I was a digital best-seller–and I barely made any money.
How inequality shapes the American family.
The teaching class: teaching college is no longer a middle-class job, and everyone paying tuition should care.
Our deadly culture of overwork.
Friends without benefits: how companies are asking potential hires to spend months interacting on social media in hope of a job offer.
How the other half dies.
Don’t drink Starbucks’ “free college” PR stunt. Tressie McMillan Cottom has more analysis of the plan.
Why can’t college be free?
#YesAllWomen deserve economic opportunity.
The true cost of money hidden in tax havens.

Climate and Sustainability
-I love the idea of a play-in for climate action.
Facing serious climate impacts, some Muslims put their faith in going green.
-Al Gore says we’re at a turning point of new hope for the climate.
Could small, biodiverse farms help Hawaii grow enough food to feed itself?
State Sen. Benjamin Downing pioneers a fossil fuel divestment strategy for MA pension fund.

pink and yellow roses on rosebush

Everything Else
No one is disposable: #JusticeForJane and why dignity is a human right.
-I love this tale of starting a feminist revolt at an ultra-Orthodox girls’ school. DeDe Jacobs-Komisar is my new shero!
-An awesome project: the free, beautiful $4/day SNAP cookbook. I want to try a whole bunch of the recipes.
-Another awesome idea: the Feminist Utopia Project. The contributors’ list is basically a list of my favorite writers, and I love the sample contributions. Submissions are open until July 15th, so if you want to take part in envisioning what true equality would look like, do it!
How to organize after Occupy Wall Street.
Queer autistic author Corinne Duyvis talks about her new radically diverse YA novel, “Otherbound.”
A love letter to strong women.
Nothing is wrong: women, mental illness, and medication.
Childfree by some choice: parenting and mental illness.
-This is fascinating: On the Census, who checks “Hispanic,” who checks “white,” and why.
Laverne Cox: “I absolutely consider myself a feminist.”
The next fight for transgender insurance equality.
Immigration: can we really “fix” this system?
-I don’t like milk, but I like this: Is dairy farming a solution to mass incarceration?
The case for abolishing juvenile prisons: how isolating minors who need connection endangers us all.
Eugenicists never retreat, they just regroup: sterilization and reproductive oppression in prisons.
Why Brazil’s World Cup protestors are rightfully furious.
A Q&A with the co-creator of the feminist phone intervention.
First he came out as undocumented, then as gay. Here’s what it means for the immigration debate.

Pretty things, fluff, and cute critters
-Two exciting new dessert hybrids that I need to try: the churro ice cream sandwich and the wonut (aka waffle donut).
30 of the best views in the US National Park system.
-I’m too lazy to actually cook food this complicated, but I love looking at pictures of recipes involving edible flowers.
-Awww: housecat and lynx become inseparable friends.


2 thoughts on “Sunday links, 6/22/14

  1. Thanks for linking to me.

    I get really angry about the way young women are shamed for their clothing choices rather than the dirty minded arseholes who find fault with innocent bodies shutting the hell up. *rage*

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