OOTD: A spring wedding

headshot of glam pink, black, and beige outfit with pink leather hairbow

This is what I wore to my cousin’s wedding over Memorial Day weekend. I spent a lot of time trying to find something more spring-y/floral/frothy/floaty, but was ultimately unsuccessful. I even bought a custom-made mauve tutu that I was hoping to wear over a black dress, but it ended up being so poofy that there was no way I could wear it without knocking over everything around me. (It’s still awesome, though–I will definitely wear it sometime when I go to an event with more space to move around.) So I went with this, which was my backup dress, and it ended up working out really well.

Dress: Macy’s, shoes: Clarks, clutch: eBay, rose bangle: H&M, rhinestone wristband: So Good, silver rose ring: ancient, pink rose statement ring: The Tiny Teapot, necklace, earrings, and hair bow: Forever 21

plus size outfit black and beige striped dress with pink and gold accessories

I got this dress a few years ago and weirdly, it’s a size 14. I’m not sure why I even tried it on, but I’m glad I did. 

black and pink plus size wedding outfit

One of the best things about this dress is its twirliness!

twirling in black and beige striped dress

plus size glam black, beige, and pink outfit with bow and rhinestones

Both the pink ring and one of the earrings are missing a rhinestone, but luckily it wasn’t too obvious. I get so annoyed with how often rhinestones fall out of my jewelry and disappear; if I could have two magic powers, one of them would be teleportation, and the other would be the ability to replace rhinestones with a snap of my fingers.

hand with rose bangle and pink rhinestone rose statement ring

hand with gold and silver nail polish, rose ring, and rhinestone wristband

close-up of pink rose statement ring with rhinestones

close-up of pink rhinestone earring

close-up of pink metal necklace with clear rhinestones

close-up of hand with gold and silver nail polish and pink rose ring over gold clutch with bow

Me and Steve being all fancy-pants together….

couple dressed up for wedding

And goofing off, because no fancy event is complete without a round of “crab ate your nose.” 😉

couple being silly


15 thoughts on “OOTD: A spring wedding

  1. I love all of the pink accessories. I’m not sure if the slip under the dress is nude or pink, but with the pink accessories it sure looks pink! The last two photos are adorable, by the way. Even if you weren’t able to find a new dress for the event, this outfit sure looks great and you look really happy in it! Sometimes old favorites are the way to go.

    As a side note, I’m considering ordering the Petit Fours dress from ModCloth you reviewed the other day. I want to wear it for my birthday, but now I’m hesitant I’ll be sized out or that it won’t translate as well in person. I appreciate your review because it’s really making me consider before just impulsively buying it.

    ❤ Liz

    • Thanks! The lining of the dress is nude, but it does look kinda pinkish next to all the pink accessories. And yeah, sometimes old favorites work out really well, especially with new accessories. 🙂

      I’m glad that my review was helpful. If you do end up ordering the dress, I hope it fits you! ❤

  2. Laura! It’s Kelsea from Pink Wonderland – I started a new blog (something I’ve meant to do for awhile) and wanted to say hi to all of my blog buddies from PW. 🙂 Actually, I read your posts whenever I see them on Facebook – I’ve just been bad about leaving comments, but I love the interesting content you write or link. Plus, you have the cutest taste in outfits. Just wanted to mention that! You look so pretty and totally adorable in this outfit (esp. with all of the pastel pink accessories)!

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