Sunday links, 6/8/14 (with pictures from recent adventures around Boston)

view of the sky through rowe's wharf arch in boston

-The summer issue of Skorch is out, and it’s full of amazingness as always.
-Melissa McCarthy will be creating her own clothing line. It sucks that she had to do this because she had so few options, but I am excited for her line.
-A DIY floral fascinator tutorial, parts one and two.
-Another DIY tutorial that I need to try soon: metallic sparkly flower sunglasses.
-Tori writes about her experience with glasses-shopping and how awesome it was to feel included, in contrast to her experiences with shopping for clothes.
-Sarah rounds up little white dresses, and Kellie rounds up kimono jackets.
Bow ties for humans who don’t want to wear actual bow ties.
Confession: I still have occasional body image issues that are exacerbated by fatshion blogs.
-Cassie writes about how she supports and promotes small, indie, women-owned cosmetics companies as a form of feminist solidarity.
-I love love love most of these chunky platform shoes, especially the Hello Kitty, mermaid, and star ones, and so wish they came in wide sizes.

Fat Acceptance
CBC: obesity research confirms long-term weight loss almost impossible.
-A great cartoon from Stacy Bias about 12 Good Fatty archetypes.
-Ragen takes down five really bad arguments against fat acceptance and HAES.
On rudeness, “looking unhealthy,” and being called a fatass at the beach. Through one of the comments, I found out about Fat Witch brownies, which I will definitely have to check out next time I’m in NYC!
-I can’t wait to read SparkleFat, a book of poems by Melissa May.
Obesity is not the opposite of CrossFit.
-Rachele has changed the name and focus of her blog to Rad Fat Vegan, and started a corresponding YouTube channel with cooking tutorials.
-This scale-smashing workshop during Wellness Week at Syracuse University sounds awesome.
we braved the cold and possible arrest to get this incredible body-positive image. Love it!
NHS–just give fat people a pony already. Seriously, where’s my pony? I would also take a golden retriever, labrador, or Samoyed puppy.
SWAGGA is unassimilated fatness.

A great fat-pos poem:

Climate and Sustainability
Here’s what anyone who cares about the planet needs to know about the EPA’s new regulations.
The world is yours: kids take the lead in the climate fight.
China pledges absolute cap on emissions for the first time ever.
How weeds could help feed billions in a warming world.
-Help support the pioneering climate necessity defense of Ken Ward and Jay O’Hara, who blockaded a coal shipment with their small lobster boat. These guys are my heroes.
When global warming kills your god.
How a rise in backyard beekeeping can help teach city-dwellers about climate change.
Distinguished Harvard alumni stage protest in support of fossil fuel divestment during reunion ceremony.
Syria’s climate-fueled conflict, in one stunning comic strip.
Is Massachusetts going to divest from fossil fuels?
-I love creative forms of activism like this activist light brigade that crashed a corporate beach party via kayak flotilla.

food garden in dewey square with raised beds growing lettuce and other green vegetables

Jobs and the Economy
Scientists vindicate 1972 “Limits to Growth”–urge investment in “circular economy.”
How can we better deal with the care-giving needs of aging parents? Ai-jen Poo wants to help.
-David Graeber is one of my all-time favorite thinkers about the economy. In this piece, he makes the mind-blowing connection that capitalism only provided widespread prosperity was when it was in global competition with communism; and in this interview, he talks about how bizarrely skewed our economy is in terms of who gets rewarded.
-A profile of an underemployed single mother training to become a nurse’s aide: ”This was how the economy looked from the bottom up in 2014: the fastest-growing job was also among the hardest, and the place of opportunity was in fact the place of last resort.”
”I’ve been trying to understand the mentality that leads people who wouldn’t ask a stranger to give them a keychain or a Twizzler to ask me to write them a thousand words for nothing.”
Artisanal union-busting at Whole Foods. I have some pretty strong feels about Whole Foods–particularly how it swallowed up small, independent natural foods stores like the one I grew up with in Connecticut, and co-opted their cultural trappings to hide business practices that went against their values.

two pink peonies surrounded by green foliage

Everything Else
-I absolutely love this ”Girls Just Wanna Have Fundamental Human Rights” art print.
The shame of sweetness: food as gendered code.
I’m a grown woman, and I can read whatever I want–including young adult fiction. I agree with this so much, and I would also argue that some YA books, including The Hunger Games trilogy, do have plenty of emotional and moral ambiguity. In fact, I think The Hunger Games books are a brilliant exploration of how war affects people’s psyches, and that shit is nothing if not complex.
-Although I am neither Quaker nor Pagan, I relate so much to this post by a Quaker Pagan on activism and ordinary acts. Like so, so, so much.
Muslim women don’t need you to “save” them: on Farzan Parveen and the media’s erasure of Muslim feminists.
What we talk about when we talk about reparations.
-Fellow Bostonians, check out these two crowd-funding projects: A #YesAllWomen feminist rock show, and the continuation of a program that replaces ads on the T with poetry. I’ve seen a few of the poems, and they make my commute a lot more interesting.
-I am glad to see so many men around the internet standing in solidarity with women against misogynist entitlement and violence. I especially like these three pieces.
An open letter from the Shondes, a band that was disinvited from the Washington Jewish Music Festival due to their members’ views on Israel and Palestine.
-Alma writes about her experience adjusting subtly and gradually to her partner’s transition.
Can “Orange is the New Black” change the way Congress thinks about prisons?
To be gay, Christian, and a West African asylum seeker in Harlem.
The untold story of the Iroquois influence on early American feminists.
Let them live: Josephine Baker, Maya Angelou, and Rihanna as erotic and holistic.
Yes, Maya Angelou was a doctor: a lesson for the ignorant.
8 warning signs a partner doesn’t respect you.

labyrinth in boston with tall buildings in background
They have to see it with their own eyes: men and violence against women.
How not to review women’s writing.
It’s John Green’s world now, and that’s a good thing.
That “gluten intolerance is BS” study is making my life a battle.
Do foodies ruin everything? Specialty coffee and gentrification in the Sonoran desert.
I’m queer and conservatively religious: yes, we exist.
Unalterable: on accepting myself as a queer person with dwarfism.
This thing bigger than us: creating sacred space.
-So much yes: We can be atheists without being jerks.
Open letter to my best friend in Palestine (that I’ll never get to see).
”I realized violence came from settlers, not Palestinians.”
Webcomic “Becoming Me” shows what it’s like to be a young trans woman around town.
Justice for black trans women: an interview with Laverne Cox.
The “fake geek” is not the problem when it comes to “fake geek girls.”
-A beautiful story: I am loveworthy: how a transgender woman found love.

carousel with fox and butterflies
Truth. Be. Told. is a documentary series that seeks to reclaim the birthright of Queer Black Visionaries within our families and communities by providing a platform for out, Black LGBTQ, same-gender-loving, and two-spirited people to tell their personal stories of challenge, radical self-inquiry, transformation, and triumph. Help support it if you can!
On anti-depressants: “I’m using the tools I have to become the most effective human being I can be. I’ll keep doing this every day I’m alive.”
20 of the best cities to see street art.
-Speaking of street art, this derelict historic church painted with an abstract, graffiti-style mural is gorgeous.
-My inner English major couldn’t stop laughing at this list of literature-themed restaurants. Don’t overlook the comments, which have more great puns!

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