OOTD: ModCloth fail

I had to return this dress because it didn’t fit, but I took pictures anyway because I loved it so much. It was one of the many dresses I bought online while trying to find something for my cousin’s recent wedding. (I ended up wearing this dress, which I’ll post pictures of soon!)

ModCloth’s sizing is well-known for being inconsistent, so I ordered it in both a 22 and 24, and figured I’d return whichever one didn’t fit. Sadly, even the 24 was too small–and 24 is the biggest size available, which makes me go ARRRGHH. I hate how fancy dresses tend to run small, which means that even though I wear a 20 or 22 in most clothing, I find myself sized out of a lot of fancy dresses that go up to 24. Damnit, all fat people deserve floofy tulle dresses (if they want them–and if not, they deserve awesome non-floofy dresses, kilts, suits, and/or tuxes. I love the woman-in-a-tux look a la Janelle Monae, and I want it to be available to fat women, even though I probably wouldn’t wear it myself for Pants Are Not Comfortable On Me reasons).

plus size woman wearing pale pink tulle dress with gold embroidery

Dress: ModCloth, jewelry: So Good, headband: Crown & Glory

Two more downsides of this dress: it itched like hell, and it didn’t cover my bra. If I had a bra that was the same color as the dress, it would blend in perfectly fine; but unfortunately, I don’t (and got the dress so last-minute that I wouldn’t have had time to look for a new bra bra before the wedding). But I took pictures anyway, with the bra I happened to be wearing, again because this dress was so beautiful it just needed to be documented.

plus size woman in pale pink tulle party dress with gold floral embroidery and gold flower crown

I so need more floaty tulle dresses with gold floral embroidery in my life.

Dear ModCloth, please get your sizing shit together, make all dresses in a much larger range of sizes, add linings so that bras don’t show, and use non-incredibly-itchy materials. Love, Laura

7 thoughts on “OOTD: ModCloth fail

  1. I had no idea that was your bra showing, thought it was part of the dress! I’d say I’m sad to hear the dress didn’t fit, it looks really nice on you … except that if it was unbearably itchy then it wouldn’t matter if it had fit (at least from my perspective: comfort first, always).

    And yeah, I hear you on the sizing. When I bought my wedding dress I had to pay a $200 “size fee” – in other words, a fee for being fat… and they “reassured” me about the size I needed according to their size chart that the dresses run 2 sizes small. So the size 24 I ordered is “really” a size 20. And I thought, if the average clothing size of women in the US is a 16, and they charge a “size fee” on sizes 20+ (“really” 16+), then they’re charging about half of their customers extra for being fat. And (supposedly) it’s not the store, it’s the manufacturer; I’m sure it’s not the only manufacturer that does that. Ugh!

    • Ugh, that sucks about the wedding dress manufacturer charging $200 extra. I’ve seen similar fees like that online for fancy clothing, and it’s really frustrating–the actual amount of extra fabric used in larger clothing doesn’t account for anywhere near that much money (unless it’s a small indie business, like a one-person Etsy store or something). It is really ridiculous that they end up charging half of their customers a fat tax. Blahh.

  2. Oh no! I’m so bummed this didn’t work out for you because it is so you, and so romantic, and so very lovely. I’ve not ordered a dress from ModCloth before, so it was really helpful to read your sizing review before I place my first order. I usually wear a 16 or 18. For ModCloth, perhaps I’d be better off ordering a 22. It is frustrating when you’re sized out of even plus-sized clothes. How can I be an XL in some places and sized out of the 3X at others? It’s frustrating for sure.

    Thank you for still sharing this dream of a dress with us. The dress you ended up wearing is very dramatic and darkly romantic, too. I hope you still felt fabulous in it!

    ❤ Liz

    • You’re welcome! I did still feel fabulous in the dress I ended up wearing. 🙂

      ModCloth’s sizing is really inconsistent, partly because they carry a bunch of different brands. Each item has a blurb that tells you whether it runs small, large, or true to size, which I’ve found to be sometimes accurate and sometimes, not so much.

      I have bought other dresses from ModCloth that fit me, in sizes 22, 3x, and 4x. So if you usually wear a 16 or 18, you could probably wear anywhere from a 16 to a 22 at ModCloth depending on the particular brand and style. They do have staff who can talk with you about the fit of particular dresses, and help you figure out the right size–I haven’t tried that yet, but I’ve heard good things about the service.

      I kind of wish they would just standardize the sizing across brands, though–like if one dress runs so small that a 22 is effectively an 18, they should just change the label and call it an 18.

  3. Mod-Cloth is only a reseller of this dress- it wasn’t actually produced by them.
    they have only 3 lines that they manufacture (Bea and Dot, Myrtlewood, and Fereuvor) which run from XS-4X and are never sized traditionally as say 18, 20, 22.

    the best way to ensure a dress will fit you at Mod-Cloth is actually to by your measurements- not by the size portion.

    I’ve been buying Mod-Cloth’s pus size range for just about a year now and never need to return anything from following the above advice.

    • Thanks for the info, but I am already aware that they carry multiple lines, and that different dresses run differently. For this dress (which is on their site here), the only measurement listed was length, which isn’t particularly useful. The details said that sizes 0-14 run large, and sizes 16-24 run true to size. According to ModCloth’s size chart, I wear a 3x/24-26, so the dress should have fit me.

      Basically, I did buy my measurements, and it still didn’t fit. I’m glad that you’ve always been able to find items that fit buy buying your measurements, but sometimes even that isn’t enough. (I’ve had the same problem with eShakti, too.)

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