#UCSB shooting links roundup #YesAllWomen

There has been an incredible amount of thoughtful, important writing about the Isla Vista shooting. I apologize that this is a long and probably overwhelming links roundup, but there were so many pieces I just couldn’t leave out. Read them on your own time, or not at all if that’s what you need. I’ve included some pictures of Comfort Dogs to break up the terrible-ness.

Laurie Penny: Let’s call the Isla Vista killings what they were: misogynist extremism

Arthur Chu: Your princess is in another castle: misogyny, entitlement, and nerds

Jenn at Reappropriate: Masculinity vs. “Misogylinity”: what Asian Americans can learn from the #UCSB shooting

Kate Harding: It’s not all men. But it’s men.

Roxane Gay: In relief of silence and burden

Elizabeth Plank: #AllMenCan: 37 Men show us what real men’s activists look like

Sarah O at All the Things, All Mixed Up: Notallmen/Yesallwomen, secondary trauma and relearning everything for the sake of not killing each other

John Beckett at Under the Ancient Oaks: Dude, it’s you.

Rachel at Autostraddle: On continuing to live in the same world that made Elliot Rodger (and many like him)

Jaclyn Friedman: What’s desperately needed in sex education today

Katherine Cross: When words become bullets: Elliot Rodger and the patriarchal id and The population of loss: what patriarchy does to us all

Jeff Deeney: Confusing mental-health intervention and violence prevention

Maria Mora: Why it doesn’t matter if Elliot Rodger had autism or not

Dani Alexis at Autobiography of an Austistic Academic: Fine, we’ll talk about autism and misogyny

Pia Glenn: Not all men are dangerous, but yes, all women do live with the fear of Elliot Rodger’s fury.

Shannon at Nudemuse: #YesAllWomen

Luke O’Neil: How Elliot Rodger twisted music into murder

Amanda Hess: Why it’s so hard for men to see misogyny

Rebecca Rose: “When Women Refuse” chronicles what happens to women who reject men

Dr. Nerdlove: Elliot Rodger and the price of toxic masculinity

Sara Wachter-Boettcher: We have work to do: #YesAllWomen and the Web

Sasha Weiss: The power of #YesAllWomen

Cristen Conger: 15 must-read #YesAllWomen tweets

Jeff Yang: What a close read of the Isla Vista shooter’s horrific manifesto, “My Twisted World,” says about his values–and ours

Chuck Wendig: Not all men, but still too many men

Melissa McEwan: Police knew about Rodger’s “disturbing” videos, didn’t view them

Jessica Valenti: #YesAllWomen reveals the constant barrage of sexism that women face

Erin Gloria Ryan: Lessons from a a day spent hanging out with the UCSB shooter’s awful friends

Ashley at Welcome to the Tea Party: Great #YesAllWomen posters

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