You know what I wish existed?

A show about a bunch of people being friends and having adventures and living their lives, along the lines of Sex and the City or How I Met Your Mother, that just happens to feature a group of fat characters.

Preferably played by Amber Riley, Gabourey Sidibe, Rebel Wilson, Joy Nash, and maybe Mindy Kaling (who isn’t actually fat, but is larger than average for Hollywood).

I know there are good shows out there featuring fat characters. I recently started watching My Mad Fat Diary, and I LOVE it (although I wish there were a reliable way to watch it in the US, sigh.) I’ve also heard good things about Huge, which I want to watch sometime.

But I really just want there to be a show about fat people that doesn’t focus on our weight. A show that might mention fatphobia occasionally as it comes up–because in real life, it does come up–but that otherwise is about fat people going on dates, or dealing with mid-20s restlessness/quarter-life crises/economic shittiness, or working together in a specific environment, or having interpersonal drama, or doing fun and creative things around their cities. (Or even outside of cities. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a show about a group of friends who go WWOOFing together and have to learn to adjust to farm life? Or less fun but interesting and relatable, a show about a bunch of young people stuck in the suburbs, trying to create independent lives while living with their parents out of economic necessity?)

I just want to see people like myself reflected on TV without our fatness being treated as our most salient characteristic. Is that so much to ask for?

6 thoughts on “You know what I wish existed?

    • I think there is definitely room in media for both. For focus on fatness as a salient characteristic in order to explore it, and also for focus on other things. Things like love and fulfillment and adventures and silliness and whatever. If that is what you are looking for then Glee Project definitely does that. What I have been sharing has mostly focused on fatness as identity cuz I thought that is what you were seeking. But there’s plenty that focuses on other identities in the shows I’ve been sharing. There is plenty that focuses, for instance, on being gay, rather than fat (if one happens to be both). Or being a scientist, or friend, or whatever else. I will def keep this in mind.

      • Agreed, I think we need both! We need varied portrayals of fat people, because fat people in real life are varied, and most media just doesn’t reflect that. Thanks for the Glee Project recommendation–I will check it out!

        • I started rdeniag your blog after Elycia posted about your glasses. I think you’re super stylish! I love seeing your thifty finds and thoughtful outfits. I also live in Portland, and I feel like a dork when I can identify the layout of various Goodwills. And I’m such a jeans and t shirt girl, I admire anyone who goes to the effort to mix prints and accessorize and try out new silhouettes. Also, you are a really good photographer, and it takes a lot of guts to put your photos out there on the internet. I’ve done social media marketing for a bunch of different craft companies and blogging is part of my job, but since I’m both shy and don’t really fit the image of a crafty blogger girl (in that I am more of a butch lesbian rather than a manic pixie dream girl), so I never put my image or identity out there.

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