Sunday links, 5/18/14

pink peony covered in raindrops

Peonies are the best.

-Lesley reviews a variety of chub rub prevention solutions.
-It’s so rare to find truly amazing men’s fashion, so I was excited to come across this gothic groom’s red and black suit with buckles.
-Sal passes along her client Kristie’s review of Gwynnie Bee.
-Kat models some lovely, colorful floral crowns from Claire’s.
-Gabi shares the sources of the clothing and accessories in her #EveryBODYIsFlawless video.
These bows are everything. Especially the clear one filled with pom-poms.
How many of these ’90s beauty products did you use? OMG, almost all of them. I still use Bottled Emotion perfume, which I buy on eBay. And damn, I miss roll-on glitter–that shit was the best.
-Affatshionista rounds up crop tops that come in a 4x. (Note: I don’t agree with the sophisticated vs. slutty dichotomy that she mentions at the end of the post–I believe in wearing what you want, period, and not shaming some ways of dressing as “slutty.”)
-I can so relate to finding a piece of clothing you really like in a plus size blogger’s outfit post, and then realizing it doesn’t come in your size. I usually wear a size 22, so most plus lines include my size, but I often come across smaller fat or in-betweenie bloggers wearing clothes from straight size lines that stop at 16 or 18.
-I love these portraits of fat and incredibly fashionable Namibian women (click the first image to see the rest).

Fat Acceptance
Fat people and feeding tubes.
Walking while fat and female.
-So, that Louie episode….I have a lot of mixed feelings about it. Maybe I will write about it, but in the meantime, I like these two posts by Melissa, and this one by Kath.
Fat, fault, and disabilities.
-Londonites, check out this fat dance show!
-Melissa writes about being fat-shamed by the friends and family of men she has dated.
-“I find it helpful to keep in mind that weight-loss messages are prejudice for profit.”
Will being fat kill your sex life? No, but fat-shaming might.
Educating doctors about interacting with fat patients.
I may be fat, and I may teach people about nutrition, but I am not your “good fatty.”
When health is not on your side.
-So much yes to this: The thing about experience.
Monica and me: fat girls of the ’90s.

Whitney Thore is always awesome.

Climate and Sustainability
Local protesters are killing big oil and mining projects worldwide.
Feeling defeated? These solutions fight climate change and empower people.
-This is a really shitty precedent: New Zealand rejects the appeal of the world’s first “climate change refugee.”
Why divestment can be successful.
These stunning photos show what iconic U.S. locations look like after 12 feet of sea rise. Three of the pictures are in the Boston area. One of them includes a building where I recently worked. I just….yeah.
Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership an environmental disaster waiting to happen?

Jobs and the Economy
Why the poor can have “things” but can’t escape poverty.
-A Danish worker asks: I’m making $21/hr at McDonald’s. Why aren’t you?
Impossible choices: fast food workers explain why they’re striking.
Like a boss: five reasons Jill Abramson’s firing matters.
College is a promise the economy does not keep.

the greenway and office buildings in boston

I took this picture about two blocks away from one of those “iconic U.S. locations” that an artist imagined under 12 feet of sea level rise.

More donation ideas for #ChangeTheWorldNotOurBodies
-Donate to support scholarships to CommonBound, a conference about working together to build a new economy.
-Autostraddle’s post about Give OUT Day has some great resources, including a link to this list of queer orgs.

Everything Else
I thought being miserable was just part of being Chinese American.
Who’s afraid of the right of return?
I want these girls back: America, Nigeria, and what’s really at stake.
On bell hooks and feminist blind spots: why theory will not set us free.
Beyonce’s control of her own image belies the bell hooks “slave” critique.
Stop telling me how to eat to cure my incurable disease (and other things people without medical degrees say to the chronically ill).
-Bitch Magazine interviews Kay Ulanday Barrett about food justice at the intersections of race, class, queerness, and disability.
-Mia Mingus on interdependency.
We’re going to be talking about reparations this year.
-Major trigger warnings for this article about domestic violence as a hidden cause of chronic illness.
Your brain is a car (and what to do when it breaks down).
An open letter to Bill Maher from a Muslim American.
We need to talk about colonialism before we criticize international anti-LGBTQ legislation.
Autostraddle’s editors respond brilliantly to an accusation that they are “Cosmo for queers.”
-This edible crayon- and paint-splattered chocolate is amazing.


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